Larry Ross - Unsung Hero and Visionary - Short Biographical Sketch

Born: 25th November 1927
Died: 18th April 2012

1950-61~Toronto/Montreal -Engineering degree, Advertising, Marketing and Sales professional, concerned about growing threat of nuclear arms race and war.

1962 ~ emigrated from Montreal Canada to New Brighton Christchurch New Zealand with his wife and six children, in order to work more effectively for peacemaking policies and prevention of nuclear war. He was active in UNANZ and withdrawing
NZ troops from war in Vietnam.

1963 ~ he published his book 'World War III in the Southern Hemisphere'
which presented a vision of how NZ could assist humanity to survive a nuclear war
1964 -1968 ~ he established the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation in NZ
as requested by Lord Russell (founding member of CND 1958 in Britain)

1981 -1986 ~ New Zealand Nuclear Weapon Free Zone Committee Secretary/Founder of the NZNFZ and coordinated the campaign around the country*

1984 ~ there were 86 nuclear free zones declared at local council level (61% pop.)
This provided the necessary foundation for the NZ government to adopt the policy.

1987~ policy now enshrined as the Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament and Arms Control Act (104 locally declared NFZ = 72% pop.)

1986-2007 ~ he renamed his org. NZ Nuclear Free Peacemaking Association to
focus on developing NZ Defence and Foreign policy as a Neutral Peacemaker.

1987 ~ Queens Service medal from Sir Paul Reeves
2002 ~ Christchurch Peace City Award from Mayor Gary Moore
2012 ~ Lifetime Peacemaker Award from John Hinchcliff of the Peace Foundation

*Larry's most significant contribution was a systematic campaign to initiate neighbourhood peace groups, to lobby their councils and MPs to declare a Nuclear Free Zone.

He worked in an unpaid capacity to organise and perform public lectures, conduct media interviews, engage in research, design and production of educational materials.

He created the NZ Nuclear Free Peacemaker petitions, the NZNWZ logo, badges,
car stickers, etc. He mass produced and distributed the authoritative information sheets revealing the true horror of nuclear weapons and war and how we can stop it.

He empowered people to rise above apathy to make a NZ Nuclear Weapon Free Zone. The campaign was based on the 1978 United Nations Resolutions advocating that individual countries could declare a Nuclear Free Zone to support nuclear disarmament and increase global security.

Larry played a significant leadership role in the NZ Peace Movement history.
His life is an example of what 'one man can do' for the greater good of humanity. More info. contact Laurie Ross Phone: (09) 818 0696 laurie-ross@xtra.co.nz



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