More Contamination for Planet Earth

Comment by Larry Ross, June 29, 2005

Obviously the US does not need the poisonous U-238 for security as claimed. The US is already the one and only super power and can destroy any enemy, even the whole of humanity, at any time. In these perilous times, it is not beyond possibility that an 'End Times Nuclear War' would be launched by a religious Fundamentalist nutter Administration. They may think it is time for the religious Armageddon that Fundamentalists believe was promised in the Bible.

The so-called need for secrecy, as claimed, has to be translated.
It means that the Bush administration wishes to keep it secret from its own people, and other nations, as they would disapprove.

Also, they have conditioned the American public not to question anything the administration claims is "secret" or "for security" reasons etc.

Making such deadly material is itself a big security risk. If the US was ever attacked, the plant making this material and storage casks, would become targets, just like the 103 other nuclear power plants in the USA.

We will probably receive papers on the purpose of these secret devices, and will post this information on our website.



US Plans to Resume Plutonium 238 Production - Report

USA: June 28, 2005

NEW YORK - The United States plans to produce highly radioactive plutonium 238 for the first time since the Cold War, The New York Times reported on Monday.

The newspaper quoted project managers as saying most, if not all, of the new plutonium was intended for secret missions. The officials would not disclose details, but the newspaper said the plutonium in the past powered espionage devices.
The Times said Timothy Frazier, head of radioisotope power systems at the US Energy Department, vigorously denied in a recent interview any of the classified missions would involve nuclear arms, satellites or weapons in space.

"The real reason we're starting production is for national security," Frazier was quoted as saying.

Officials at the Energy Department could not be reached for comment.      continue. . . .

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