Breathing Uranium Oxides: A Global Medical Crisis

by John Lewallen, October 13, 2004


 As I write this in October, 2004, ton after ton of uranium--depleted uranium, reactor waste, and possibly just uranium--is being burned at high temperature in bullets, missiles and bombs used by the United States military forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.  This is generating a global medical crisis the like of which the human race has never seen before.  The breathable uranium oxides created by this massive, ongoing incineration of uranium has radioactive and chemical toxicity for the lifetime of Earth.

Breathed, tiny particles of uranium oxides may lodge anywhere in the human body and remain fixed there for years, destroying the DNA in adjoining cells with high-energy radiation.  Breathable uranium oxides contaminates people most acutely at battles where it is used.  Much of it has gotten into the stratosphere, to be distributed all over Earth.  The outlines of the global medical crisis of breathable uranium oxides are best described by Dr. Asaf Durakovic in his seminal article in the Croatian Medical Journal titled \"Undiagnosed Illnesses and Radioactive Warfare.\"  Dr. Durakovic\'s article makes clear that the human race is confronting a global medical crisis of contamination by breathing uranium oxides.  Millions of victims have diseases with a host of symptoms caused by breathing uranium oxides.

The United States armed forces probably will remain fully committed to using uranium munitions until there is a U.S. Presidential directive saying that breathable uranium oxides from using uranium munitions really has created a medical and environmental crisis.  That\'s because there is a big U.S. government lie that uranium munitions pose no major health or environmental problem, backed by phony scientific studies and an elaborate system to keep troops who are contaminated by breathing uranium oxides from finding out the true cause of their symptoms.  Today, as U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan shoot uranium rounds and drop uranium bombs, they are working with a top-secret munitions, uranium.  The locations where the uranium was vaporized, or even that it happened, is not announced.  The public does not know how much uranium was vaporized by using uranium munitions, or where it was used, or when.  We demand to know!

Most people relate to the nightmare of ongoing use of uranium munitions by not thinking about it.  We all live in a surfeit of terrorization.  I predict that the demands of troops coming home with symptoms of uranium oxide poisoning, and of troops who must face the tragedy of having children with birth defects, will bring closer the great day when the U.S. President orders a halt to using uranium munitions, and begins to lead an international effort to deal with the medical and environmental crisis of uranium oxide poisoning.

 Meanwhile, please warn your friends and relatives that they face extreme hazard of breathing uranium oxides anywhere in or near where U.S. forces are operating today.  At least until the dust of battle settles and people can send field teams around Iraq and Afghanistan to mark and try to clean up, there is extreme hazard of breathing uranium oxides anywhere in those criminally contaminated nations.

How Can We Deal With The Medical Crisis of Uranium Munitions?

Stop Using Uranium Munitions! Face the Global Medical Crisis of Breathing Uranium Oxides! Public Officials:  Truth About Uranium Munitions, or Resign!

 The United States Government is fully committed to taking tons of deadly radioactive waste and doing the most humanly destructive thing possible with it: vaporizing it at high temperature in heavily populated areas.  How are we, ordinary people, going to deal with this?  As an old writer and peace activist who was involved in the expose of Agent Orange (\"Ecology of Devastation: Indochina,\" Penguin Books, 1972), I humbly offer some strategic suggestions to the movement to deal with uranium munitions and their consequences.

We urgently need more American scientific truth-tellers in the movement! Activists focused on \"depleted uranium\" urgently need the help of established and respected groups.  American medical scientists, you live in a world where medical scientific orthodoxy is based on a big government lie: the lie that no scientific evidence backs the claims of Dr. Asaf Durakovic and others that breathable uranium oxides is a global medical crisis.

For my colleagues now trying to crack the big, suicidal Pentagon lie about uranium munitions, long  life to you, and so many thank yous from my heart!   I offer these humble strategic suggestions:

1. Warn everyone about the extreme danger of breathing uranium oxides in Iraq and Afghanistan.

2.Define the reason for the warning as a global medical crisis caused by breathable uranium oxides, generated by using uranium munitions.

3.Study and describe the big U.S. government lie, shared by many other governments, that uranium munitions pose no major environmental or health hazard.

4.DEMAND THAT ALL PUBLIC OFFICIALS SPEAK THE TRUTH ABOUT URANIUM MUNITIONS AND BREATHABLE URANIUM OXIDE, OR RESIGN!  As a Mendocino County, California resident, I am specifically addressing Representative Mike Thompson, and Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein: it is time to do something honorable, brave and true. Speak the truth about uranium munitions and breathable uranium oxides! Speak the truth or resign!  Too many millions are being contaminated with uranium munitions now, and now our children are seduced by military recruiters into contamination zones.  Enough!  Truth or resign!

 This is a grand, high-stakes contest between a suicidal government lie that is polluting the Earth with deadly, mutagenic, breathable uranium oxides, and truth-tellers who are discovering and telling the truth.  It is vital now that truth-tellers stick to the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. People have very limited attention-span on the topic of uranium munitions.  That\'s why I recommend focus on breathable uranium oxide contamination, and warning people to avoid heavily-contaminated zones.

5.The global medical crisis caused by breathable uranium oxides from uranium munitions needs to be recognized as a working issue by major national groups of all kinds.  Note that uranium oxide poisoning is specifically targeting troops who use it and the genetic integrity of their progeny.

 Last spring I circulated a longer, footnoted study titled \"Stop Using Uranium Munitions Now!\"  This study is posted at <www.NuclearPress.com>.  It has withstood peer review.  Now, in loving concert with my fiancĂ©, Barbara Stephens, we are part of the Uranium Munitions Action Group, Veterans for Peace.  Check the web: the global movement to stop using uranium munitions is growing everywhere!  We\'ll stick with it, always ready to be corrected in the direction of the truth, until some troop drops the last round back in the can and says: the hell with this!

With the help of our loving colleagues Patrick Tate, Fredy and Sherry Champagne, and others, the national U.S. Veterans for Peace at its 2004 convention endorsed the \"Uranium Munitions Pledge of Resistance,\" a signable oath which reads, \"I will not use, nor order the use of, uranium munitions.\"  This puts Veterans for Peace squarely in support of officers and troops who refuse to use uranium munitions.  At this point in time, I believe our only near-term effective approach is massive, individual civil disobedience.  Refuse to use uranium munitions, and back any officer or troop who refuses to use uranium munitions.

Best Information Sites on Uranium Munitions and Global Uranium Oxide Medical Crisis:

www.umrc.net Site of the Uranium Medical Research Center, Dr. Asaf Durakovic\'s group which is doing field investigation now in Iraq on depleted uranium contamination.   Prof. Albrecht Schott, Scientist, World Depleted Uranium Centre, Berlin, lecture: Consequences Of The Military And Civil Use Of Depleted Uranium  www.traprockpeace.org   www.traprockpeace.org  the best activist information site.

www.NuclearPress.com  My site; I strive to present clear truth and effective strategy, and provide a network of activism for the Uranium Munitions Action Group, Veterans for Peace.  John Lewallen

Stop using uranium munitions NOW

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