Report on Peace Action Network 'Die-In' on March 19, 2005

Larry Ross

We began the Die-in demonstration with a poem about the horrible continuing hell which Iraqis have been subjected to since the illegal US-led invasion began in 2003

The poem was followed by Mohammed Al-jabawe of the Iraqi community in Christchurch who told about the series of horrors perpetrated by the US against Iraq. Then Larry Ross, who mc'd the event, gave a short summary of the illegality of the war as follows:

" We have gathered today on the second anniversary of the illegal and totally unjustified US invasion and massive bombing of Iraq. The US lied about Iraq’s alleged nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction and would not let the UN complete its inspection for them. They lied about links with Al-Qaeda; lied about links with the 9/11 attacks, and lied about Saddam Hussein planning to attack the US and UK “in 45 minutes”. On the basis of these lies Bush, Blair, Howard and others invaded, and killed over 100.000 people so far, according to an Oct 2004 Lancet study, recently confirmed by another medical journal. Bush stepped up his killing, with saturation bombing of Fallujah and other centres, imprisoning and torturing innocent citizens. George Bush now claims all his lies are justified because God is on his side, and he is introducing freedom and democracy in the Middle East. . Unfortunately enough people still believe these colossal lies. As Adolph Hitler taught “The bigger the lie the more people will believe it”

But these war crimes are only a beginning. Bush has threatened to widen the war to Iran and Syria. The famous anti-war campaigner, Dr Helen Caldicott says the re-election of Bush means endless wars and the probable use of nuclear weapons as Bush pursues his imperial crusade under the camouflage of “war on terror”
Nelson Mandella calls Bush the most dangerous man in the world. This madman and his crackpot neoconservative regime must be stopped before they destroy the world

Then Dave Colyer of Peace Action Network spoke about PAN's projects including

Iraqi Voices, April 11, Monday at 7.30pm at the WEA, 59 Gloucester St. All welcome.
Several speakers all from Iraq, some with close relatives there, and some recently returned from there
Please publicise and request an A4 size poster from us on this event for display.

Dave introduced the 'Die-In' in which people lay on the pavement as if dead, in sympathy with the 100,000 people killed in the war.

We then walked to Cashel Mall and held another 'die-in' and then to the Bridge of Remembrance where we held a third 'die-in' which ended the demonstration.


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