Waging Nuclear Genocide

Comment by Larry Ross, November 23, 2006

Although the following article was written 3 years ago, its message is still powerful and relevant today. Most people passively tolerate the systematic poisoning of people, their lands and the world. However DU poisoning lasts for eternity. It drifts around the planet, killing, deforming and genetically damaging everyone's children and descendants forever, whether in Washington, New York or Kabul.

Psychopaths in the Pentagon deny, deny, deny and then smirk like George Bush. They are doing their professional duty. People accept that and forget.    How long can the human race survive when we, so casually, resort to such widespread killing and torture?





By Robert C. Koehler, Tribune Media Services, March 25, 2004

"After the Americans destroyed our village and killed many of us, we also lost our houses and have nothing to eat. However, we would have endured these miseries and even accepted them, if the DU had not sentenced us all to death."

This will not be easy to read, especially if you've projected evil out of your own heart, into some cave in Afghanistan or a spider hole in Iraq, and reduced the age-old question it inspires to this one: How can we bomb it off the face of the earth?

Before the damage we inflict grows greater, before history's judgment gets worse, before we contaminate the whole world - even before we vote in the next election - we must stop what we're doing. We must stop now.

It's time to listen for a moment not to defense analysts, briefing officers, pols or pundits, but to people like Jooma Khan, a grandfather who lives in a village in Laghman Province, in northeastern Afghanistan, who is quoted above. Surely he deserves 30 seconds of our undivided attention.

"When I saw my deformed grandson," he told an interviewer in March of 2003, "I realized that my hopes of the future have vanished for good. (This is)different from the hopelessness of the Russian barbarism, even though at that time I lost my older son Shafiqullah. This time,however, I know we are part of the invisible genocide brought on us by America, a silent death from which I know we will not escape."

We're waging war-plus in Afghanistan and Iraq - in effect, nuclear war, with our widespread use of depleted-uranium-tipped shells and missiles. This is no secret. DU, with its extraordinary penetrating power and explode-on-impact capability, helps assure our military dominance everywhere we go. But people like Jooma Khan and his grandson reap its toxic legacy. So, of course, do our own troops.


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