Silent Radiation War Against All Life


Larry's Introduction

Radiation from nuclear tests, depleted uranium(DU) weapons, nuclear power plants and disasters such as Chernobyl, results in long-term pollution, sometimes thousands of years, causing human cancers and death for generations to come. Yet this reality is small compared to the amount of radiation that would be released in an increasingly possible nuclear war or terrorist attacks on some of the incredibly vulnerable US nuclear power plants. The immediate and long term casualities could be in the millions.. The present silent nuclear radiation is a kind of nuclear war on mankind that is taking place today, and will increasingly plague mankind. It is a slow-moving weapon of mass destruction(WMD). The following papers educate and deal with this issue.

Against radiation ignorance and misdeeds

- concern for internal radiation.    From Ross Wilcock, Abolition-Caucus, June 04, 2003

I visited with Dr Chris Busby and am pleased to make some recommendations. The focus of our concern was internal radiation.
Dr Busby wrote about this for instance at

Internal radiation has long been neglected by radiation risk administrators who prefer to think in terms of flash external radiation exposure. I am very alarmed to realize that fallout quantitation has long been neglected in the computations of atomic pathology.

This has resulted in a 50x underestimate of cancer deaths since 1945.

May I recommend the excellent, enlightening "European Committee on Radiation Risk" book that presents better ways to understand radiation and its effects on life.

For professional readers, Dr Busby's book "Wings of Death:  Nuclear Pollution and Human Health" has much to commend it.

These publications help considerably to understand what resident or internal radiation can do - including how different isotopes may interact with and harm living systems  Some problems will be clarified by more research.

Dr Busby's writing is most helpful for those wishing to upgrade their understanding of practical consequences of radiation fallout in this extremely dangerous nuclear age.  I had misunderstood fallout thinking it came only from atomic explosions - but it is now clear that fallout come from reactor fires and radiation warfare as well as atomic explosions.  Even silent emissions of functioning nuclear power stations are effectively fallout - but these manifestations have not been properly assessed.

I am horrified how skewed have long been concerns of so many anti-nuclear activists preoccupied with mega explosions all the while blind to perpetual micro "decay energy" damaging a countable number of cells multiplied by 'N' where N might be a rather large number.

His epidemiology studies of various UK and Irish locations are convincing demonstrations.

Not a lot was said about uranium, radiation weapons and warfare in an all too short encounter.  Dr Busby showed me an issue of the Green Party publication "Disarmament Times" with himself shown kitted out examining an upside down Iraqi tank destroyed by a uranium penetrator.

How fortunate that Dr Busby is Green Party spokesman for Science and Technology.  He has special concern for children who will have to live with consequences - so often blindly ill-informed - of other people's actions and misdeeds.

For Dr Busby's publications Low Dose Radiation Campaign

European Committee on Radiation Risk

Wings of Death:  Nuclear Pollution and Human Health

Radioactive Times

Science on Trial - invited presentation to the Royal Society on DU


Highly recommended.

Ross Wilcock

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