Allies In Space?

Comment by Larry Ross, September 7, 2006

Israel could not contemplate becoming a space power and stationing weapons in space, without the financial support it receives from the U.S. It is a formula for destabilizing the middle east, threatening Israel's neighbours and creating a new space-based arms race in the Middle East.

In the long run such war plans and preparations are likely to have a number of disastrous results. Planning and preparing for war will likely result in more and larger wars. Already, with up to 400-500 nuclear weapons, Israel has the capability to destroy it's neighbours and itself.  Israel's preplanned war on Lebanon and Palestine, shows that it will systematically destroy it's neighbours, their lands and buildings using flimsy pretexts. It has no regard for the UN, and spurns all UN resolutions to get out of Palestine and  South Lebanon. It demonstrated its attitude by deliberately bombing and destroying a UN observation post in Lebanon that was well known and marked. Four UN officers were killed, then Israel attacked the rescue mission. 

This invincibility can lead to endless war as Israel expands into weak neighbouring states such as Palestine. Larger wars such as a U.S.-Israeli attack on Iran could become nuclear wars, if the U.S. uses it's nuclear weapons as often warned. Bush has warned Iran that "all options are on the table". Translated, that means Bush will probably use nuclear weapons if his attacks encounter significant Iranian resistance. You may remember he and Tony Blair issued similar warnings that they might use nuclear weapons if they met with any WMD resistance to their war on Iraq. Bush and his obedient UK poodle are prepared to go all the way, regardless of consequences.  

It is a great pity that Israel has been corrupted by creating overwhelming military power. Israel could lead Middle Eastern states in great development of the area for the benefit of all sides.

The Israelis and Jews world-wide are a very talented, creative and able people. As they have done before, Jews and Arabs have lived side by side in peace for hundreds of years. They could, if they wished, live that way again as friends working together for mutual goals. They could be an example to the world.   Talk of space wars and weaponizing space, suggests that Israel will choose the path of war, conquest and domination. In the long run, that could result in disaster for all people and nations in the Middle East.



Israeli Official Urges Space-Based Weapons

By BARBARA OPALL-ROME, DefenseNews.com, January 11, 2005


NOTE: This news report is relevant to the Abstention votes by Israel and the USA at the U.S. General Assembly on Resolutions on Preventing an Arms Race in Outer Space.  At the last formal vote on 3-12-04, the UN General Assembly voted 178-0 in favour of  Resolution A/RES/59/065  calling for, inter alia, an effective treaty mechanism to prevent the weaponization of space.  Only the USA, ISRAEL, Haiti and Palau abstained.  Now we can surmise more of the reason why Israel abstained - in order to carry out pre-emptive attacks against not only its territorial adversaries, but adversaries of its larger strategic allies such as the USA.
A number of NGOs are preparing a Space Preservation Treaty Process, designed to circumvent the functional log-jam which these two nations - USA and Israel - have placed on the process of preventing the weaponization of space - a goal which still constitutes the most effective means of maintaining space security, as well as humanity's entitlement to space sanctuary.


HERZLIYA, Israel - Israel's top lawmaker for defense and security affairs has called for the development and deployment of space-based weapons as part of an integrated sea, air and space force designed to deliver decisive victory in future full-fledged conventional wars.

In a rare public discussion on Israel's military use of space, Yuval Steinitz, chairman of the Israel's Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee, said the nation must compensate for its lack of strategic depth on land by expanding use of sea- and space-based attacks.

Specifically, Steinitz urged defense and industry officials to consider future developments of anti-satellite missiles, satellite-attacking lasers and ship-based missiles "that can strike the skies."

" In Israel, our strategic Achilles' heel is our miniscule geographical size," Steinitz told a Dec. 22 symposium sponsored by the Israeli Space Society and the Fisher Institute for Strategic Air and Space Studies. "This lack of ground territory - and our obligation to defend the homeland from attack - drives the need to develop a strategic envelope of air, sea and space forces not only for defense, but for attack."

In his lecture, "Space and Israel's National Security," Steinitz outlined four worldwide trends in the militarization of space:




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