Press Release



Script by Larry Ross and other members of Peace Action Network

The indictment is to be held in Christchurch Cathedral Square on AUGUST 7, 2004.

With actors playing the roles of Bush, Blair and Howard and prosecution team,
AND 2 Iraqis as witnesses.


Persecutor s team - Claire Dann , Moana Cole

Bailiffs - Darren and Sue

Judge - Larry Ross

Bush - Hawazen Al-jabawe

Blair - ?

Howard -?

US Defence lawyer - Jo

Jury spokesperson?

Witnesses - 2 Iraqis to be called on to testify about specific crimes

Such as tortures he or relatives received in US prison, sodomising boys at prison etc

Audience - interested members of PAN and public

Props: handcuffs, judges wig and gown, prisoner outfits, cage

Possibly with stage and loudhailer, with prisoners brought in by bailiffs, handcuffed and wearing masks. Then they are placed in cage.

Cast assembles in Victoria Square, Christchurch, NZ, at 11.30 am on Saturday August 7, 2004. Trial proceedings start at 12 noon.

1) Judge acted by Larry in wig and gown. He introduces the trial, with statements of indictment.

We welcome you all to this people's court. It was set up to express outrage at the war crimes and deceits Iraq, by the defendant - George Bush, Tony Blair, and John Howard. Western civilisation has been unable to stop the barbaric, satanic and delusional war rampages of its leaders. Some express support for Bush's emerging

Fascist-type of Orwellian world of perpetual wars. They willingly embrace and repeat his litany of lies, and approve his suppression of civil liberties. So it is the free people of Christchurch and elsewhere in the best traditions of British and American rational thought, free speech, democracy, and sincere religious beliefs, that are warning others and speaking out for justice. This indictment sees the present leaders of US, UK and Australia as war criminals, trampling on our ideals and traditions, disgracing these great countries and threatening the world.

"Fahrenheit 9/11" and "War Law" which set the mood for our indictment.

2) Poem (about 2 minutes)

3) Judge

One example of a traditional conservative and Republican who is against Bush's policies is Paul Craig Roberts. He was Ronald Reagan's Asst. Secretary of the US Treasury, and explains his position in his paper:

"A Country Destroyed" issued in April 21, 2004. http://vdare.com/roberts/destroying_iraq.htm

He wrote: …"The vast majority of the world, including our former allies, regard the US invasion of Iraq as not only illegal, but as a war crime under the Nuremberg standard" Before the war the US sponsored " UN sanctions against Iraq resulted in the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children under the age of 5".

Another example is that of Daniel Patrick Welch in his paper: "Damn the Republicans -Full Speed Ahead" May 19, 2004 available at: danielpwelch.com

He wrote: "The world's responsibility is to convene an ad hoc tribunal to prosecute the war crimes of the Iraq war - just as they do with other rogue nations who refuse to subject themselves to the conventions of international law."

That is what we are doing today in Christchurch

We are not anti-American or even anti-Republican. Indeed it is patriotic Americans who supply most of the facts cited here today. We believe that US and Republican ideals have been subverted by extremists who cleverly manipulate popular symbols and values to serve their criminal objectives.

We the people accuse George Bush, Tony Blair, John Howard and their allies, employees and accomplices of waging a war of aggression against Iraq involving murder, torture, looting, destruction of property, and endangering world peace and stability, with threatening all mankind with the use of nuclear weapons to achieve their purpose etc. These crimes are defined by international law as:


The accused are indicted under article VI of the Nuremberg Charter as follows: "planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression, or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances, or participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of any of the foregoing"

Bush, Blair and Howard, other involved allies, and accomplices, are charged and we believe the proof, some of which we present today, is more than enough to convict them on all counts.

"Leaders, organiser, instigators and accomplices participating in the formulation or execution of a common plan to commit these crimes are responsible for all acts performed by any persons in execution of such plan or conspiracy."

The Charter of the Nuremberg was used to judge the Nazis who planned and executed World War II and committed many other war crimes. It was adopted by the International Law Commission of the United Nations in 1950.

The need for a war crimes trial was spelled out by Bob Fitrakis in his paper:

"Again, Why George Bush Must Be Tried As a War Criminal" from THE FREE PRESS May 8, 2004. http://freepress.org/ Bob Fitrakis is senior editor of the Free Press and co-author of "George Bush vis. The Super Power of Peace". http://nuclearfee.lynx.co.nz/again.htm

He wrote:

"The so-called Bush doctrine of preventative war is, in reality, an echo of the illegal Nazi doctrine of "preventative war" which asserted that any country that may pose a future non-specific threat can be attacked and occupied. This is not "higher moral law" rather it is a repugnant Nazi doctrine last heard when Germany attacked Poland prior to World War II", and universally condemned as such. Bush and his aides have revived this doctrine.

He quoted from 3 key books showing that the Bush Administration plotted their elaborate Crimes Against Peace including "an insider's view on the illegal planning, preparation and initiation of the war through the deliberate manipulation of intelligence.….five days after 9/11 the President was scheming to go after, not bin Laden - the man responsible for the 9/11 attack - but rather bin Laden's arch enemy Saddam Hussein." The books are:

"Plan of Attack" by award winning journalist Bob Woodward

"The Price of Loyalty" Author Ron Susskind's book about former Bush Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neil.

"Against All Enemies" by Bush's counter-terrorism expert Richard Clarke.

George Bush is a president who has lied and lied again to justify and commit numerous war crimes, and who stands to lose the 2004 election and suffer additional exposure.

Bob Fitrakis speculates "For a President who took us into war under an illegal Nazi doctrine and sold it to the American people based on cooked intelligence information, would it not be the next step to simply plant the evidence he needs amidst the chaos of a disintegrating Iraq?" …Bush's re-election bid may be based on his hitting another "trifecta" "capturing" Osama bin Laden, "trying" Saddam Hussein, and "finding" weapons of mass destruction."

Bush may be making this prediction of Bob Fitrakis come true, as this report by the Tehran Times shows:


The tehrantimes.com news reported March 13, 2004, that the US is clandestinely shipping to Southern Iraq old Russian weapons of mass destruction and taking them to an unknown destination in Iraq. Will the US have them "found" just before the November US elections to provide "proof" that Saddam did indeed have a stock of weapons of mass destruction? Full report on:

The docile, obedient US mass media, echoed by some similar mass media in New Zealand, and their embedded, politically-indoctrinated reporters may claim that they have not the time or inclination to check out the veracity of the story, and that in any case it may be dismissed and discredited "as just another conspiracy theory".

As usual, the mass media will probably report triumphantly as front page "news" that Saddam's WMD have been found. As Bush's highly skilled PR people and psychological warfare specialists know, the story would convince enough US people that Bush was right, had told the truth about WMD and should be re-elected. If this plot comes true and US agents suddenly "discovers" the weapons they have planted, it will be one of history's greatest lies and war crimes, helping make possible the re-election of a President that will continue his litany of lies to justify new wars. It would make little difference if the truth came out after Bush gained a second term as President. The mass media, in full knowledge that WMD were planted, may say, with tongue in cheek, I guess it wasn't quite like we reported, but we must move on and try and do better (ha, ha) next time. Meanwhile they will continue uncritical support for Bush and all the black propaganda used to justify his new wars.

This possible plot is not necessary to establish our case for indictment of the accused. However, we feel it is necessary to reveal it in order to prevent people being fooled if these events happen. Perhaps they may try and alert reporters they think might still be capable of rational, critical thought and honest reporting.

The US Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy, in a 188 page report issued April 4, 2002, found that "The United States has violated, compromised or acted to undermine in some crucial way every one of the eight treaties and international agreements that we have studied in detail" the report said, including "The Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty and the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. It refuses to comply with the terms of the Chemical Weapons Convention, and faulted on its approach to the Biological Weapons Convention, the Kyoto Protocol. The treaty banning antipersonnel land mines and the International Criminal Court."

Similar people's courts to this, are taking place all over the world. On May 9, 2004, in New York City a people's court was set up by 50 civil society groups. This ' World Tribunal on Iraq', pronounced the United States government guilty of committing a war of aggression and other war crimes. Scores of witnesses including doctors, lawyers, academics and activist testified.

The accused should be tried by the International Criminal Court (ICC). However, the Bush Administration, in planning its criminal enterprise, deliberately refused to accept the jurisdiction of the ICC.

This is an important reason why we set up this indictment and people's court. The promise of justice belongs not to a state, but to the people and we are implementing that.


(Larry continues and reads the indictment).

This is the indictment. This people's court accuses the defendants - George Bush, Tony Blair and John Howard with violating:

1. The United Nations Charter
2. The 1945 Nuremberg Charter
3. International humanitarian law
4. The Geneva Conventions
5 Other international treaties and agreements
6 The laws, ethics, and conduct of civilized society

The prosecutor will proceed with the charges.

4) Prosecutor One- Claire.

Previously heads of state have had their rights to govern revoked for violating the above laws, charters, conventions, treaties and agreements.

George Bush, Tony Blair, and John Howard now before the People's Court, are charged with the following crimes for similar violations.

Conspiring to deceive your own peoples and governments with a litany of lies, in order to begin a pre-planned war on Iraq in 2003. This war was planned well before the attacks on the Twin Towers in New York on Sept 11, 2001. It's purposes include seizing the oil resources of Iraq and initiating plans for the US and allies to dominate the Middle East and aid the expansion of Israel into Palestine. The authors of these plans, which included violation of all international laws and conventions, are a Washington-based group known as neo-conservatives. Many are now Bush Administration bureaucrats, with strong Israel links, implementing these supposedly US war plans. They are subject to indictment for planning and helping implement war crimes. The leading United States establishment journal, Foreign Affairs, called the war plans the "new imperial grand strategy".

It summed up the Bush Administration's National Security Strategy, issued in September 2002, which declared the intention to dominate the world and destroy any potential challenge to US domination by any means. This criminal plan to establish an American Empire is reminiscent of the previous empires of the British, French and Spanish. Like past Empires, it would inflict multiple crimes on millions of people. Today's US Imperial war plans threaten far more casualties and wars, including the possible nuclear destruction of the world.

5) Prosecutor two - Moana

Professor of Law at the University of Illinois and author of The Criminality of Nuclear Deterrence, Francis Boyle, wrote on March 14, 2002:

"The Bush Administration, "has ordered the Pentagon to draw up war plans for the first use of nuclear weapons against seven states: the so-called "axis of evil" - Iran, Iraq and North Korea: Libya and Syria; Russia and China, which are nuclear armed. Targeting 5 non-nuclear states expressly violates the so-called "negative security assurances" given by the United States as an express condition for the renewal and indefinite extension of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) by all its non-nuclear states parties in 1995…. The Bush Administration is making it crystal clear to all its chosen adversaries around the world that it is fully prepared to cross the nuclear threshold" by threatening to use nuclear weapons against them. This has made the United States a "threat to the peace within the meaning of U.N. Charter article 39"

Professor Boyle wrote.

The US created this new doctrine in 2002. It used this doctrine to justify the possible use of nuclear weapons against Iraq if the US decided it needed to use nuclear weapons against certain types of resistance, which they presently define as "unforeseen circumstances". In other words, they can use nuclear weapons, anytime against anyone, for whatever reasons they choose to invent as justification on the day. When they plotted to create the false justification for illegally invading Iraq in 2003 and also against other non-nuclear states in the future, as mentioned, they used this new nuclear doctrine. Tony Blair and John Howard embraced it, before going to war for the US and thereby committing the multiplicity of war crimes for which they stand trial today.

Tony Blair of UK and John Howard of Australia and other supporting states knew the invasion made you war criminals. Your legal advisors told you so. You must have also known that you would share the war crime with the US of planning the possible use of nuclear weapons and millions of deaths, to achieve your illegal objectives. You have tried to justify this criminal and potentially suicidal behaviour - even death of the planet - as an obligation to be good and loyal allies to the US regardless of legal, moral or any other implications. You gambled that you could get away with it, and that the mass media would not reveal the extent of your crimes, and that your PR people would spin the necessary stories to justify, or cover up your actions.

In essence you gambled with the fate of your own people and with the world, in order to serve the extremism of the Bush administration.


Unfortunately, in New Zealand, there are some politicians like Simon Power, Defence Spokesman for the National Party, who expressing the feeling of his Party (not just himself), by pledging to lead New Zealand into supporting the US in its present and future wars. The New Zealand National and Act parties, are ready to follow the US and violate international laws and the UN Charter and join the US in committing war crimes, potentially using nuclear weapons, killing millions of people, and perhaps destroying earth itself. Some people may say that National and Act would not do such things, if they knew about this court's findings and the implications. We would reply that it is common knowledge, easily accessed, and that it is probable that they do know the full truth, but decided to proceed with their policies, come what may and the devil take the consequences. Inform and change them if you can. Okay, at the moment they have made their choice and won't rethink it.

Soon you will make your choice of what policy you want.

Simon Power told a National Party conference that "without reservation we (not just Simon Power talking 'off the top of his head, but the NZ National Party) we will support our close allies, Australia, the United States and Britain, when and wheresoever our commitment is called for" (Press editorial May 11, 2004)

Don Brash, the National party leader, said he continued to endorse Simon Power after his damming statement. In a statement to US visiting Senators, Don Brash pledged that NZ's nuclear ship ban would be gone by lunchtime if he were Prime Minister.

Regardless of whatever other merits Don Brash may have, New Zealanders should remember this pledge and its disastrous implications, when they next vote in NZ election. Don't be deceived by National's various PR techniques to "sugar coat the nuclear pill". For example, holding a nation wide poll on the nuclear ship ban, as they promised to do if elected, is one such technique. What they did not tell you is that they will select the right questions, that will give the kind of answers they can use to justify scraping the nuclear ship ban. They will then wait for an appropriate crisis to scrap the nuclear weapons ban.

Once involved in warfare for the US, with NZ back in the ANZUS nuclear alliance, these politicians are smart enough to know today, well before such an event, that they would have little choice but to continue New Zealand's support, even if the US decided to use nuclear weapons under their new doctrines. The potential consequences are calamitous for the world and for New Zealand.

So again, the warning is there, for New Zealanders to think very deeply, about who and what they are voting for.

7) PROSECUTER One - Claire

As a good and loyal ally, the UK has announced similar plans to use nuclear weapons against any state it claims may attack it with any weapon the UK may choose to define as a weapon of mass destruction. So the UK joins the US in becoming major war criminals planning to use nuclear weapons in an illegal war based on lies, which they initiated in direct violation of the UN Charter and international law and the findings of the World Court, which ruled that the aggressive use of nuclear weapons illegal. John Howard in joining with the US and UK in this strategy, also becomes one of the war criminals who is prosecuted today.

8) Judge

The most dangerous crime of all, which can prove fatal for the entire human race, is the US plan, supported by the so-called 'Coalition of the Willing" - loyal US allies like the UK, Australia, (and New Zealand if National is elected) to possibly make nuclear war on the nuclear weapon states, China, Russia or both. Call it Russia/China for the purpose of this example. This would include a first strike with nuclear weapons as detailed in the 2002 Nuclear Posture Review.

Although this hasn't happened yet, the planning of such a horrendous event is itself a war crime according to Article 6 of the Nuremberg Charter. But the planning has undoubtedly has been done, as Russia and China were named in the US Nuclear Posture Review as potential nuclear targets, harbouring a potential terrorist threat to the US.

The case of Saddam Hussein and Iraq illustrates the need to take it seriously. There need not be any terrorist threats or real terrorist links, for the US to claim there is such threats and launch a war on the basis of their pre-planned fictitious story.

Suppose the US does attack Russia/ China to make a full-blown nuclear war. Who do you think Russia/ China will retaliate against as revenge, if they can still retaliate? Will it be the US, which must think it could absorb the limited nuclear response that Russia and China might launch, before it launched it own first strike? If they did this, Russia and China would know full well that the US would respond with a second attack that would effectively flatten Russia and China. So what to do? One strategy Russia/China might use is to retaliate against, not the US, but non-nuclear US allies committed to support US policy, including nuclear war policies. The US said in their official documents, that it's okay now to target non-nuclear countries to serve a greater good even if it's a fictional good.

Even if they have no direct involvement, international law makes nuclear allies equally responsible for a nuclear attack by the US. So Australia, UK, or NZ under National's present policy, could be equally responsible if they supported US wars that became nuclear. Becoming a nuclear ally may bring some lollies (free trade agreements?) as rewards, but it's not necessarily painless in the longer run.

Russia/China might use a limited revenge strategy of striking at allies, if they could be reasonably sure, perhaps even get US assurances, that the US would not use this as an excuse to flatten Russia/China. In this scenario, allies become sacrificial lambs to satisfy the need for some kind of revenge, to preserve what's left of Russia/China, and to prevent any nuclear retaliatory strike against the US itself.

One reason the US is so keen to have allies, especially nuclear allies, and establish bases in a large number of countries, is to achieve global domination. Also, that allies may prove very, very convenient for future 'unforseen' nuclear contingencies as depicted above.

Allies can serve many, many war purposes, not just though their votes in favour of US policies and diplomatic campaigning, and lying for the US war strategies as Tony Blair and John Howard did and continue to do over the Iraq war. They may not have thought through the implications of the new nuclear strategies on nuclear war planning today. Some US allies might suddenly realise, perhaps too late, that they could be wiped out to serve the greater good of the US and Russia/China.

There can be no indictments or war trials of those responsible after a terminal nuclear event. The Pentagon's Nuclear Posture Review, Jan 2002 gives a detailed account of these new nuclear war plans and is available with Professor Boyle's article and related documents at the web site: http://www.nuclearfree.org.nz  and search for "Francis A. Boyle".
Preventing Nuclear Armageddon  http://nuclearfreenz.lynx.co.nz/preventing.htm

9) Prosecutor two - Moana

The lies all of you told to initiate stage two of your plan - the Iraq war - included charging Saddam Hussein and his Iraq dictatorship with (a) aiding al-Qaeda terrorism and attacks on the Twin Towers buildings in New York (b) making weapons of mass destruction including nuclear weapons (c) preparing to attack western nations "in 45 minutes" (d) creating false documents in the attempt to show that Iraq was importing nuclear materials from Niger. All of you repeatedly used these and many other lies to deceive and frighten your own people and other nations and the United Nations. Your lies were intended to get their support and participation in your war plans to invade and occupy Iraq. You would not allow the United Nations to finish their job of inspection of Iraq for weapons of mass destruction, because you claimed Saddam was almost ready to attack and needed to be stopped now.

This turned out to be a very big lie. All the testimony to that date from the UN and other informed observers was that the dictator, Saddam Hussein, had no such weapons, forces or intentions or capability to mount any kind of attack on the United States or Britain. As you knew the UN inspectors would find no WMD, you stopped them before they could finish. As you could not fool the UN into supporting this aggression, you then attacked Iraq yourselves, on the basis of your litany of lies and false accusations.

10) Poem on No WMD Found

11) Prosecutor One - Claire

You started your invasion of the sovereign territory of Iraq with a massive bombing campaign known as "shock and awe" in which you murdered and maimed thousands of civilians and defence forces, and destroyed billions of dollars of property.

You continue to occupy Iraq and subdue the population. You kill, imprison and torture anyone you suspect may be aiding the resistance to your rule.

You still falsely claim, and endlessly repeat, that this war and it's crimes, are all necessary as part of " the war on terrorism". Yet you knew before you made war that Saddam was not involved with al-Qaeda or other terrorist groups, had no weapons of mass destruction, and no intentions or capability to attack you. Your pre-planned war on Iraq was a war of aggression. It was never "a war on terrorism" Yet you still claim.

it is "a war on terrorism" knowing full well that this is a lie you created.

You have falsely imprisoned and tortured many citizens in Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries in Guantanamo Bay.

These resistors, like Spanish civil war veterans fought the fascist Franco, may have fought your invasion and rule, just as patriotic Americans fought British rule in 1776. Often, you imprison on suspicion, and engage in the most foul and shameful of tortures. These tortures are not the work of a few psychopathic individuals, but policies worked out by the US administration and taught for many years to other nations by its School for the Americas. As the Washington Post pointed out:

"Donald Rumsfeld, (who with his aides is also subject to war crimes indictments) decided to overturn decades of previous practice by the US military in its handling of detainees in foreign countries. His Pentagon ruled that the US would no longer be bound by the Geneva Conventions; that army regulations on the interrogation of prisoners would not be observed. Rumsfeld's decisions helped create a lawless regime in which prisoners in both Iraq and Afghanistan have been humiliated, beaten, tortured and murdered."

The US, supported by the UK and Australia, have decided to break all laws, and hold prisoners without charge, indefinitely, and deny them access to lawyers. While wanting it's own subjects (not others) to have a more democratic treatment, the UK and Australia still give unreserved support to phone US war policies that helped make Guatanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib prisons possible.

12) Prosecutor two - Moana

Your torture tactics are very deliberate. with prisoners extensively filmed in the most degrading and shameful positions. Some of your prisoners have been beaten and murdered. These photos have been widely distributed and shown to the local and worldwide population. Worst of all was revealed in veteran 'New Yorker' journalist Seymour Hersh's talk to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) July 8, 2004 at what happened in Abu Ghraib Prison, about 30 miles from Bagdad.

"those women (pleading to be killed because of what happened to them} who were arrested with young boys, children. In cases that have been (video) recorded, the boys were sodomized, with the cameras rolling, and the worst above all of them, is the soundtrack of the boys shrieking. ….it's going to come out…..

And so were dealing with an enormous, massive amount of criminal wrong-doing that was covered up at the highest command out there and higher. And we have to get to it. And we will."

"What we had was a series of massive crimes, criminal activity by the President and the Vice President, by this administration…I can tell you it was much worse, and the government knows it's much worse, then they've even told you. There are worse videotapes, worse events."

Seymour Hersh has written extensively on US tortures in The New Yorker magazine.

Available on line.

Screams of young boys being sodomized by U.S. personnel at the U.S "detention" centers.

13) Judge

I call on witnesses from Iraq, whose family and friends have been subjected to your crimes:

Witness 1 (5 minutes)

Witness 2 (5 minutes)

Thank you witnesses. The crimes you have described enflame and enrage the population of Iraq, the Middle East and elsewhere. They create a larger and more active Iraqi resistance as well as providing a new spawning bed for al-Qaeda and perhaps other terrorist groups in Iraq, Saudi Arabia and other countries. That in turn causes more terrorist incidents, widens the war of resistance and creates turmoil in other states. You try to use these tragic reactions to your actions, as proof of the validity of your lies and false accusations. In fact they are the direct result of your war crimes. It is expected that you will try and use them to justify your already planned, much wider, expanded wars.

As many have already said, Seymour Hersh said in his ACLU talk (above) "…this administration's policy, in Afghanistan and Iraq, has already done exactly the contrary of what they said they were going to do. They haven't ended the war on terrorism - they've expanded it - that's totally clear."

This is in line with US war plans to create justification for wider wars, after Bush wins or steals another election. US papers predict and plan for wider wars - even a general Western war against Islam, often referred to as a 'Holy War' waged on many fronts with many weapons. Under a renewed Bush regime, he will likely use a crisis like 9/11 to have Congress pass new 'patriot' Orwellian 1984 type of laws to suppress all truth - which the ever-obedient mass media have not already suppressed. .

(14) Prosecutor one -Claire

The accused are creating a chaotic situation to justify keeping troops in

Iraq, and provide themselves with a basis to expand their wars of aggression into neighbouring Middle Eastern states. Whether a wider war is part of your plan, or an unintended consequence of your actions, the results of your present crimes are the same. These despicable crimes are the responsibility of the three accused, and to varying degrees, their administrations and military.

In making war you have used thousands of tons of highly toxic Depleted Uranium (DU) weapons. You killed and burned civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq and polluted their lands. The radioactive residues will continue to kill people forever, in Iraq and elsewhere, as the particles of DU eventually drift around the world. American Gulf Wars I and II veterans have suffered many casualties and continuing diseases as a result of inhaling DU weapons particles. As DU has a half-life of 4.5 billion years, they circulate forever. This is a particularly insidious and evil crime not only against people you claimed to be liberating from the Taliban in Afghanistan, or the evil dictator Saddam Hussein in Iraq but everyone of the world's 6 billion citizens. You vainly try to justify bombing, invading, imprisoning and poisoning people and their lands, by promising them freedom in a western-style democracy. In fact, it's US-appointed regimes, stacked with CIA assets, pledged to continue US policies, with stacked "free elections" promised some day soon. This people's court says you are guilty of these war crimes and that you have committed them to achieve your imperial goals, knowing about potentially suicidal consequences, but determined to belittle or suppress them and go ahead anyway.

15) Judge

I call on the defence to present their case

16) Defence Lawyer - Jo

Dressed in an some kind of Uncle Sam costume, or wearing a US flag pinned to his body (upside down), the defence lawyer gesticulates, sputters excuses and finally says: But, but, but - my clients are fighting to bring freedom and democracy to the poor oppressed people of Iraq and liberate them from the cruel oppression of Saddam Hussein. They only made a few little mistakes told some little lies. Sure we did torture a little, killed a few thousands, and sure we did poison the place, enraged the Arab world a little, but our heart was in the right place, god is on our side and President Bush consults him. So it must be all right.

Yes we did a little sodomy with little boys, but it was little, and anyway our nation does not do that kind of thing. Our esteemed President tells us so. He believes in God and was reborn again, and never lies. He tells us so and we believe his every word. You must believe in a god-fearing Christian Fundamentalist like George Bush. Bush says, "You are either with us or against us" I know what's good for me. So I'm with
Bush on anything and everything. And he pays me so well, so he must be doing right and honest things. Sure some taxpayers suffer. But aren't they are the ones going to hell on nuclear Armageddon day? The rest of us god-fearing, saved Christian Fundamentalists will go straight to heaven. Bush believes it and so do I. Obviously Tony Blair and John Howard want to get on this heavenly gravy train. Isn't that divine justice? It is isn't it? Please tell me it is heavenly justice.

As your own highly-esteemed statesmen and hopefully future Prime Minister Simon Power says:

"without reservation we will support our close allies, Australia, the United States and Britain, when and wheresoever our commitment is called for" (Press editorial May 11, 2004),

As the President's defence counsel, That's good enough for me "all the way with LBJ" or whoever. Here's for New Zealand for torture, killing, and nuclear weapons anytime - 100%. No one cares about the end of the world and that's the way it should be. After all, we all have to go someday. If we go a little early, so what. Armageddon's coming and the Lord Bush be with all of you rugby, racing and beer fans in NZ. Nothing too serious for you. That's the right attitude for us Americans.

In NZ, it's still all the way with LBJ, Bush or whoever we say for today. Nothing else matters. That's good. We people, who plan important events for you, like it that way. Roman circuses for the people then, and rugby, racing, beer and similar important things for you today. We'll do all the thinking, planning, and stage setting to make wars, while you just act like Simon Power and do as we tell you. Ok?

I rest my defence

(An alternative sequence is: Uncle Sam admits the US and allies, the UK, Australia and others have done great wrongs and endangered the world. We have acted far worse than rogue elephants, or a group of Mafia Dons. We ask for your forgiveness and throw ourselves at the mercy of this people's court. We admit our guilt and will pay all wronged parties reparations. We know such actions will never compensate for the invasion, killings and torturing we have done. We promise to reform and become a compassionate, good and responsible world citizen. We plead for mercy from this court.

I rest my defence.)

17) Judge

This is a people's Court so we shall ask them. Are the accused guilty of war crimes or not guilty?

18) Audience:

Guilty, guilty. A spokesman for the audience jury stands up and says:

We don't want war criminals to govern us and lie to us in order to make war. If only the voters had known of these diabolical war plans and deceits, they would never, ever have voted these culprits into office.

Never again will people elect war criminals, such as yourselves, to lead and govern.

19) Judge

These are heinous crimes and must be punished as an example to other political liars and killers who conspire to make war. I hereby pronounce sentence on the accused:

Each of the defendants is to be confined to a prison in their homeland for the rest of their life. It is deemed that a life sentence is a small penalty to pay for the many war crimes, including thousands of murders, maimings and tortures, the damage to civilization, and ongoing threat to provoke a much larger Western war against Islam.

You have degraded our nations - the United States, England and Australia and befouled our civilization.

20) Audience.

Applause; This is great justice for humanity


(This is the long version and fourth draft. - about 45 minutes. It's purpose is to give readers ample evidence and provide references to much more on our website

http://www.nuclearfree.org.nz provides extensive sources for solidly researched authoritative information, supports the case made in this war crimes trial.

We have simple objectives:

Provide extensive well-documented information on the Iraq war, and on other wars and the many, and growing, nuclear war threats.
Promote the idea in US, UK and Australia: "Don't Vote For A War Criminal"
or you will probably get many more of the same type of war as Iraq. Or much worse.

A 30 minute version designed as the script for the Aug 7 trial is available under WAR CRIMES SCRIPT FOR AUGUST 7, 2004 MOCK TRIAL"

Something You May Do To Help

If you are motivated to act as a result of what you know, or what you have read, there is many, many ways you can help.

Promote or forward to US, UK or Australian friends and organizations this War Crimes article.
Promote the idea: "DONT VOTE FOR A WAR CRIMINAL"
If you live in these countries, promote the idea even more and join local peace organizations that have replacing Bush, Blair or Howard as one of their main concerns.
If there is no organization like that near you, link up with your chosen national organization, and start a local branch.
Write letters-to-the-editor of your local and/or national newspapers and magazines on the Iraq War, the Bush presidency and lies, replacing Bush, the various nuclear threats and doctrines, etc.
Make it possible for Nuclear Free Peacemaking to extend its message, such as what you have just read, and what's in our Nuclear Free web site, by giving us your financial support. In addition to many donors of whatever amount they feel is reasonable for them, we are also hoping to interest larger sponsors, donors or benefactors, in NZ and in other countries, who could make possible and tangible, our vision of a "Nuclear War Research Centre". You may read more about why we need financial support in a separate paper:
"Why The Nuclear Research Centre Needs Your Support"

Send us your comment, tell us what you think.

Would you like to be a part of these efforts or a donor to make it all possible?

You can reach us in New Zealand
phone: (03) 337-0118
P.O. Box 18541, New Brighton, Christchurch, New Zealand.
email: nuclearfreenz@lynx.co.nz
web: http://www.nuclearfree.org.nz

Watch this website for updates and more information



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