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This website was discontinued in 2007 when Larry Ross, the founder/secretary of the NZ Nuclear Free Peacemaking Association fell ill and died 18 April 2012. (Biography)

It has been retrieved in 2016 in order to provide vital information on how New Zealand became a Nuclear Free Zone. It is important as a historic site for research articles on war and peace.

It is a testament to the dedicated peacework of Larry Ross for the benefit of humanity and the planet.

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Once in a Life-time : Artist, Peter Donnelly, aka Sand Dancer, kindly created the CND logo on New Brighton Beach in honour of the 50th anniversary


Our Mission Statement
  • Eliminate nuclear threats to humanity.Keep New Zealand Nuclear Free.Make New Zealand a neutral peacemaking nation.Propose peaceful alternatives to war.
  • Present the facts on crisis situations in the world

Help Our Fight and Save Your Planet Keeping NZ Nuclear-Free

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Tell Bush and Congress: Hands Off Iran!   We must act now to stop another war.
More than 150,000 petitions sent to Bush, Cheney, Halliburton, and Congress
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Tell Bush and Congress: Hands Off Iran!   We must act now to stop another war.

As the war in Iraq drags on into a fourth brutal year, the same politicians who led the U.S. to war in 2003 are preparing for a new war --this time against the people of Iran.
Once again using the pretext of "weapons of mass destruction," the U.S. is moving the forces into place in preparation for a possible attack. The USS Eisenhower strike force, with some 800 Tomahawk cruise missiles and a fleet of bombers, has moved into the Persian Gulf. A second carrier group, led by the USS Stennis, is now steaming toward the region.  The London Telegraph reported this spring that  "a major American attack on Iran's nuclear sites would kill up to 10,000 people and lead to war in the Middle East."