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9/11 U.S. Attack Evidence

The Shocking Truth – Nuclear War With Iran The Talk in Cathedral Square, Christchurch
...People with impeccable credentials have written that the so-called terrorist attack on New York and the Pentagon on Sept 9, 2001 was an inside job. Also, that the so-called al-Qaeda terrorists were really pawns in a much bigger conspiracy, organised by the Bush Administration to create a new enemy and justify their global crusade and wars against terrorism.


Individuals and groups can book either of two talks, or both.
Talk (1) "War With Iran. Could Be Much More Dangerous And Destructive Than The U.S. War With Iraq" 
Talk (2) "The Increasing Dangers of a Nuclear War, Threats to NPT and New Zealand's Nuclear Free Law"


The Increasing Dangers of a Nuclear War,
Threats to NPT and New Zealand's Nuclear Free Law

Larry Ross, Founder of the New Zealand Nuclear Free Peacemaking Association
will speak on these issues anywhere.


Larry has worked 50 years for peace, against nuclear weapons & war, for a neutral, nuclear-free peacemaking New Zealand. He agrees with many experts who warn of increasing risks of a nuclear war.

This tour commemorates the 60th Anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.  It supports the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), New Zealand's Nuclear Free Law and other legal barriers against the use of nuclear weapons.

New Zealand can help reverse the increasing dangers of nuclear war that could start by accident or intent; then quickly expand and destroy mankind.

It is factual and not anti-American to document that major nuclear war threats (but not all) come from the Bush Administration. These threats include:

  1. Withdrawal from the ABM & other treaties
  2. Developing 'Star Wars' types of weapons for world domination
  3. Developing new nuclear weapons, such as “bunker busters”
  4. New nuclear doctrines which threaten pre-emptive nuclear war, and introducing nuclear weapons into existing conventional conflicts. 
  5. Inventing lies and doctrines to justify wars, then illegally invading Iraq with bombing, imprisoning, torturing.Then falsely blaming other nations, such as Iran, for the quagmire they have created.The Bush Administration has killed over 600,000 people in Iraq so far.
  6. Threatening Iran and Syria, with war, massive bombing, and with nuclear weapons use against Iran.
  7. Creating these new unjustified wars based on lies, new doctrines of using nuclear weapons, new nuclear weapons has created fears and uncertainty which has started a new nuclear arms race.
  8. A total of 9 nuclear weapon states are a threat to humanity, because any use of nuclear weapons, by "accident, miscalculation, madness or intention" as President Kennedy warned, could rapidly spread and expand to a global holocaust. This would kill most life and poison the world forever.


New Zealand's 1987 law bans Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear Warships and co-operation with those who “control nuclear weapons”.   It is one of the few laws that prevent New Zealand from being drawn ( 1 ) into ANZUS ( 2 ) into the US nuclear infrastructure ( 3 ) into US-led wars as the UK and Australia have been. The UK and Australia repeat Bush's lies to justify joining the US in waging illegal war on Iraq. They also support Bush's nuclear doctrines sanctioning the use of nuclear weapons against both non-nuclear, and nuclear- weapon states.
Sane allies - New Zealand, Canada, Germany and France have said “no” to Bush's illegal war policies and the killing of 600,000 Iraqi civilians. (See Lancet study)


Some New Zealand politicians wish to support US wars, rejoin nuclear ANZUS and, like the U.S., scrap New Zealand's Nuclear Free law. We must continue to educate strongly against pro-nuclear domestic and US pressures. Concerned citizens can give all New Zealand parties & MPs the evidence why We Should Keep NZ Nuclear Free, Independent, and War-Free. New Zealand must continue as a nuclear-free example, and as a peacemaker and disarmament leader. This tour will help publicise the New Zealand Nuclear Free message in your area.

Book Larry to speak on these issues.

You can contact Larry at: webenquiry@nuclearfree.org.nz or phone: 03- 337- 0118

Larry will speak on other issues than (1) and (2) above on request, such as "The Multiple Benefits of Keeping NZ Nuclear Free" "9/11 Questions and Doubts" "US 2004 Election Fraud" "The Neo-Conservative War Agenda" "The Increasing Danger and Power of Right Wing Christian Fundamentalism, Particularly Armageddon Fundamentalism" "Formation and Tasks of The NZ Nuclear Research Centre"."War With Iran?". Several talks can be booked as arranged.

Donations are needed to finance tour costs, increase NZNFPA educational efforts. Costs include petrol, car allowance, ferry transport (for tours), phone, some accommodation, computer, NZNFPA office etc. Your own donations and/or raising funds for NZNFPA, will help sustain this campaign. Donations may be sent to NZNFPA addresses below. Receipts sent with a "KEEP NZ NUCLEAR FREE" bumper sticker.

Communicate with Larry Ross at New Zealand Nuclear Free Peacemaking by:

(1) email webenquiry@nuclearfree.org.nz    (2) Phone: 03-337-0118

(3) Donations to: NZNFPA, P.O. Box 18541, Christchurch, NZ or

(4) Or Direct Credit to ....  NZ Nuclear Free Peacemaking Ass'n account at: ANZ  Bank, New Brighton Branch, 101-103 Seaview Rd,      Christchurch, Account No: 11-7892-0353072-37

(5) Larry Ross, 51A Parklands Drive, Huntsbury, Christchurch, NZ

Learn more about the issues at: http://www.nuclearfree.org.nz/archives

Let us know of your interest in having a talk. It can be immediate. Or it may be possible to arrange other talks en route, with locations, tour itinerary , and promotional posters for each venue. Time for local publicity and to inform others about the talk, and put up posters etc.

Ideas on Helping: Meet, appoint and help a local talk organiser; ask me for dates in your location. After I confirm date(s), you arrange hall, send me time, Hall name and address. I email you a suggested talk poster for changing and photocopying as needed. Start local publicity, contact potentially interested people, organizations, media for interviews, my accommodation host in your area. I will advise your talk costs to be sent to NZNFPA; 
For un booked locations en-route, Larry will allow time to stop at local media. Stories & photos resulted from past tours, reached both rural and urban people. They will be displayed at the talks to demonstrate the value and benefits of the tours.

Newspapers, radio and TV like an interesting story about why New Zealand should be kept Nuclear-Free. Your support will make it possible to get the relevant message out again to rural and to city people, and their MP's.

Start Now. Forward this email, print it, make photocopies, give it to people.

9/11 U.S. Attack Evidence

Request for updates on Bush war crimes  
Take heart and help to bring this mega-criminal to justice.
Join the fight to make U.S. Government act legally and morally
NZ leads on nuclear-free stance – 20 years on from Oxford Union Debate
From NZ Parliament
March 1, 2005

Disarmament Minister Marian Hobbs will be advocating for a strengthened nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty when she represents New Zealand at the five-yearly NPT review conference in New York in May.
It is 20 years today since former Prime Minister David Lange won the 1985 Oxford Union debate arguing that nuclear weapons were morally indefensible. Today Marian Hobbs reiterated that nuclear disarmament remains New Zealand's ultimate goal.

Threats to Humanity From Global Warming
by Larry Ross
February 17, 2005
Included in The Pilgrimage Tour Commemorating 60th Anniversary of Hiroshima Bombing
I will emphasise the global warming threat as summarised below, while focusing on the various nuclear threats during my Pilgrimage starting on May 24th in Christchurch. One thing I disagree with is the author's suggestion that nuclear power might be part of the solution to combat global warming. There are many factors, which make nuclear power a large and immediate threat. These are detailed on our website under "Nuclear Power".
Apocalypse Now: How Mankind is Sleepwalking to the End of the Earth
by Geoffrey Lean
February 6, 2005
Floods, storms and droughts. Melting Arctic ice, shrinking glaciers, oceans turning to acid. The world's top scientists warned last week that dangerous climate change is taking place today, not the day after tomorrow. You don't believe it? Then, says Geoffrey Lean, read this...
Future historians, looking back from a much hotter and less hospitable world, are likely to play special attention to the first few weeks of 2005. As they puzzle over how a whole generation could have sleepwalked into disaster - destroying the climate that has allowed human civilization to flourish over the past 11,000 years - they may well identify the past weeks as the time when the last alarms sounded.

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