Phil Goff Warns of Nuclear Holocaust

Sample of short letter to editor from Larry Ross, June 11, 2007

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"Phil Goff's warning to the 20th anniversary meeting in Christchurch June 9 of NZ's nuclear free zone is 100% correct. World survival is threatened by 27,000 nuclear weapons, some on 'hair-trigger' ready-to-launch status and a total of 8 nuclear weapon nations. At any time the world can be destroyed "by nuclear accident, miscalculation or deliberate act of madness" as President Kennedy warned at the UN in 1963. Even worse are new US nuclear weapons, and new doctrines allowing the President to wage pre-emptive nuclear war, and also introduce nuclear weapons use into any conflict. This massive threat means everyone should be worried and active helping to stop this nuclear madness. New Zealand's nuclear free law is more relevant today as Phil Goff says, than in 1984.

Larry Ross, Secretary/Founder
NZ Nuclear Free Peacemaking Association

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Plains FM Interview on 20th Anniversary of NZ's Nuclear Free Zone Legislation

Plains Radio Interview June 11, 2007 Celebrate NZ's Nuclear Free Zone:

"Hello everyone,

It's time to celebrate New Zealand's nuclear free zone 20th anniversary. New Zealanders from one end of the country to the other helped create the NZ nuclear free zone - with declarations of homes, schools, churches, businesses and campaigning with local body petitions to make their town or city nuclear free - from about 1980 to l984 when 61% of the population lived in locally-declared NFZ's. Then in 1984 David Lange promised: "Elect labour and we'll make all of New Zealand nuclear free" And so it happened, with the legislation passed on June 8, 1987.

Increasingly, it's our Priceless Asset and Great Achievement. Congratulations to all, especially to those who worked so hard to achieve it. We encourage you to celebrate anytime during this 20th anniversary year of 2007 with special events, or local council declarations of local Nuclear Free Zones, or newly declared local Nuclear Free Zones. You can order a speaker for your celebratory event. Just call 337-0118. This will help educate people why the NFzone is more relevant and important today than ever before. It has many other benefits as well in trade, tourism and our international reputation. Our independent foreign policy allows us to keep out of illegal wars like the war on Iraq.

According to Hon Phil Goff who spoke at the Museum on Saturday (June 9, 2007), there are still 27,000 nuclear weapons, some on hair trigger alert. Nuclear proliferation has made a total of 8 nuclear weapon states that we know of. That's because the original 5 nuclear weapon states have not disarmed as they promised under the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT) As President Kennedy warned the UN in 1963 "The nuclear sword of Damocles hangs over us all, by the slenderest of threads. A nuclear war can start "by accident, miscalculation or act of madness". The situation has not improved, but got worse. So the Government thinks NZ's nuclear free zone is very, relevant today. I'll speak on this issue to your church, school, business or council. Just call Larry at 337-0118.

Our Nuclear-Free image helps sell goods overseas, attracts tourists, and is a source of pride and identity for New Zealanders. It boosts our standing and influence internationally as an independent, impartial, trustworthy nation. It's not anti-US. It's anti-nuclear weapons. But new threats to use nuclear weapons and proliferation threaten all mankind, including Americans. People throughout the world have expressed appreciation for New Zealand's courageous stand. It contributes to our positive image in the world. All New Zealanders gain by preserving and strengthening this invaluable asset.

But new terrorist acts predicted by the FBI, or new so-called “wars against terrorism” can result in new wars in the Middle East and increased pressures to change our nuclear free laws. The US is massing a huge attack force near Iran. Any one of a number of events, or false intelligence (as with Iraq's WMD) could be used to justify a US attack. Nuclear weapons could be used, as President Bush implied when he repeatedly warned Iran that "all options are on the table". The consequences could trigger a series of long-lasting catastrophes, retaliations and wars, drawing in some of the other 7 nuclear weapon countries. Escalation into a global nuclear conflagration is very possible. That's why the situation today is as bad or worse then it was in 1984. It's another strong reason to Keep NZ nuclear free and not make any enemies or invite terrorist attacks by supporting illegal US wars.

Some of the Risks Today

Iraq was innocent of US accusations in 2003 before the US assault, bombing, invasion and occupation. It had no nuclear weapons or other WMD , no links to al-Qaeda, Bin Laden, international terrorism or the 9/11 attack. Today in 2007, Iran seems to be just as innocent of similar US accusations.
Iran has:

  1. No nuclear weapons or programme to make them according to IAEA inspections.
  2. Has not helped arm and promote terrorism in Iraq. (The US occupation has created a seed-bed and training ground for terrorism).
  3. Could not attack the nuclear-armed states of Israel and the US without risking annihilation.
  4. The NPT grants Iran the legal right to enrich uranium for power under IAEA inspection therefore should not be subject to UN sanctions.
The worlds leading intellectual Noam Chomsky, interviewed Sunday on Chris Laidlaw's programme, said these same things and warned about the great dangers of the Bush Administration Noam Chomsky said the US has no legitimate grounds to attack, to accuse or to demonise Iran.
Although the old 'Cold War' ended, Chomsky said George Bush has started a new cold war by positioning anti-missiles on previous Soviet satellite states. These are part of a US pre-emptive surprise first nuclear strike system against Russia. It would allow the US to shoot down any Russian missiles sent as retaliation against a US first strike. It explains why Russia's Putin threatened to nuclear target European nations if they allowed such systems to be installed on their territory. Bush claims the ABM's are directed against the Iranian nuclear threat. But Iran has no nuclear weapons or plans to make them according to the IAEA UN inspectors. So it is obvious they are intended for Russia - not to deter Russia, but to facilitate a possible surprise nuclear attack on Russia. George Bush is also making new nuclear weapons and has introduced.threatening new US doctrines allowing the President to wage a surprise pre-emptive nuclear war against any enemy his administration names. It is also now legal under US law, to introduce nuclear weapons into conventional wars. These dangerous new doctrines, added to the growing proliferation threat of 8-9 NW states can lead to a lethal end for humanity as President Kennedy warned almost 50 years ago.

By remaining nuclear free, New Zealand boosts its security, is a leader in nuclear disarmament and steps to peace, and is an example and beacon of hope to other nations.

Changing NZ legislation to allow nuclear warship visits, would damage our security, trade, tourism and our 'nuclear-free, clean and green' image as well as our reputation as an independent leader in nuclear disarmament. A restored nuclear alliance and participation in US-led wars could convert NZ cities and ports into potential targets.

Remember to contact Larry to answer questions, speak at your event on Nuclear Free NZ benefits, dangers and related issues at 337-0118. (Additional Material if needed for longer interview).

Topics for talks include:

Everyone can help retain New Zealand's nuclear-free policy; sponsor a Nuclear Free New Zealand 20th Anniversary Celebration during 2007; talk about it to friends, workmates, groups, local council, media and MPs. The public needs educating about nuclear war, weapons, proliferation, dangers and the benefits of NZ's nuclear free policies. Members of Parliament in particular are well-placed to educate, legislate, speak and act in many ways on nuclear issues.

We all need to be aware and to help save our planet and all living beings from possible extinction.

Larry Ross, Secretary/Founder, New Zealand Nuclear-Free Peacemaking Association

email: webenquiry@nuclearfree.org.nz
Ph: 03-337-0118.
Post: Box 18541, Christchurch.

Information on the devastating long term, effects of nuclear war and pollution see: www.nuclearfree.org.nz/archives - Environmental Effects & DU Weapons



New Zealand politicians stoke anti-nuclear activism

Asia-Pacific News, June 9, 2007


Wellington - On the 20th anniversary of New Zealand's anti-nuclear legislation, the country's politicians have called for a southern hemisphere wide nuclear-free zone and for an end to investment in nuclear weapons, according to statements Saturday.

The New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament, and Arms Control Act was passed on June 8, 1987. It resulted in the country being suspended from the Anzus (Australia, New Zealand and Australia) defence pact with the US and Australia.

But Trade and Disarmament Minister Phil Goff told a forum in the South Island city of Christchurch that he wanted the whole of the southern hemisphere to become a nuclear-free zone within 20 years. He also criticized nations' complacency.

'The threat to the world of nuclear weapons grows as more countries acquire possession of them... With the world having lived with nuclear weapons for over sixty years, a key challenge today is international complacency about the threat they pose,' he said in a statement.

A co-leader of New Zealand's left-wing Green party, which is in the government coalition, also demanded the country withdraw NZ$30 million of taxpayer investment in companies involved in nuclear weapons production.

Greens co-leader Russel Norman told Deutsche Presse-Agentur that New Zealand should immediately withdraw the money invested via the New Zealand Superannuation Fund.

'The superannuation fund has invested taxpayers' money in the manufacturers of nuclear weapons, such as Northrop Grumman Corp and European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company. We say the fund should not be investing our money in these types of companies,' Norman said.

There is a strong consensus within the New Zealand Parliament that New Zealand's nuclear-free stance should remain.

Just two politicians in a minor far-right party disagree with their colleagues in New Zealand's 121 seat parliament. The ACT party issued a statement Saturday that said the country's nuclear-free legislation hurt its relationship with the US and Britain.

The US said in late March that its bilateral relationship with New Zealand was the best it had been in decades.



  Nuclear-Free Legislation—20th Anniversary
Hon Phil Goff
June 7, 2007

Hon PHIL GOFF (Minister for Disarmament and Arms Control): I move, That this House note that 8 June 2007 is the 20th anniversary of the passing by this House of the New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament, and Arms Control Act 1987 and resolve that New Zealand should continue to work for a nuclear weapon – free world; and that, in striving for a world free of nuclear weapons, the House call for: the implementation and strengthening of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, including the unequivocal undertaking made by nuclear weapon States in 2000 to move towards the total elimination of their nuclear arsenals; the expansion and strengthening of nuclear weapon – free zones and a nuclear weapon – free Southern Hemisphere; the entry into force of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty; the enactment of a Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty; and the universal implementation of nuclear non-proliferation instruments such as the International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism and United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540.


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