Tell Bush and Congress: Hands Off Iran!

We must act now to stop another war.

As the war in Iraq drags on into a fourth brutal year, the same politicians who led the U.S. to war in 2003 are preparing for a new war --this time against the people of Iran.

Once again using the pretext of "weapons of mass destruction," the U.S. is moving the forces into place in preparation for a possible attack. The USS Eisenhower strike force, with some 800 Tomahawk cruise missiles and a fleet of bombers, has moved into the Persian Gulf. A second carrier group, led by the USS Stennis, is now steaming toward the region.  The London Telegraph reported this spring that  "a major American attack on Iran's nuclear sites would kill up to 10,000 people and lead to war in the Middle East." 

In addition to moving military forces into place, the U.S. pushed through UN Sanctions on December 23 intended to cut off vital technology and funds to the people of Iran. 

History teaches us that we cannot trust politicians in Washington to stop this new war.  In 2002, both Democrats and Republicans rushed to vote for war against Iraq and they have voted every year to fund that war.  Now, politicians of both major parties are calling for aggressive action against Iran, at the same time they are discussing sending more troops to Iraq

The only force that will stop this war is a grass roots movement, and we need your help now to help stop a new brutal war in the Middle East.

Over the next few months, the Stop War on Iran campaign will be organizing meetings, speak outs, and teach-ins to help build a movement to stop the drive to war.  We will also be preparing "Stop War on Iran" placards, banners, and leaflets to bring to antiwar and progressive activities, including the national antiwar marches on January 27 and March 17, the fourth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. 

What we do over the next few weeks and months can be decisive
.  Please join us in helping to build a movement to stop Bush's new war.

Sign the petition - Sign the online petition -- flood Bush, Cheney, Halliburton, and Congress with the message  - No War on Iran!

Donate to help with organizing expenses

Tell a friend help get the word out!

Volunteer - we need thousands of activists across the country to help build a movement to stop a new war

  • Hands Off Iran!
  • No Sanctions!  No War!
  • Money for Jobs, Education, and Healthcare, Not War!
  • U.S. Troops OUT of the Middle East!

for updates, see the Stop War on Iran blog

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