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  Nuclear Weapons and the Human Future

US Leadership for a Nuclear Weapons-Free World - An Appeal to the Next President of the United States
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Ban the Bomb Creation on New Brighton Beach

A once in a life-time, not to be missed
February 16, 2008

Peter Donnelly, the well known sand artist, also know as the Sand Dancer, is generously donating his time and talent to honouring the 50th anniversary of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament by creating the CND logo on the New Brighton beach in Christchurch on Saturday 16th of February starting at 6pm and finishing approximately 7.30

Latest from Stop War On Iran
Encampment to Stop the War - Sept 29 March on Washington
Tell Bush and Congress: Hands Off Iran!   We must act now to stop another war.
More than 150,000 petitions sent to Bush, Cheney, Halliburton, and Congress
More than 4,500 signers on the Stop War on Iran Statement
(view list)
Next Step: Help us get the word out across the U.S.
  Do-It-Yourself Impeachment - Impeach Bush and Cheney  
Campaign to Impeach Bush, Cheney, Ashcroft and Rumsfeld is led by Professor Francis Boyle @ University of Illinois.
    A Better Way To Elect A Leader    DC Anti-War Network  - News and Peace Actions
  Hope Renewed 

The Spirit of the Geneva Accord. As Israelis and Palestinians are reflecting on the possible final resolution of their conflict, Brit Tzedek v'Shalom encourages Americans to do the same.


Why The Nuclear Research Centre Needs Your Support
       Peace Lovers & Activists see who has been fighting for your freedom

  Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of New Zealand's 1987 Nuclear Free Legislation

Increasingly, it's Your Priceless Asset and Great Achievement
Everyone can help retain New Zealand 's nuclear-free policy; sponsor a Nuclear Free New Zealand 20th Anniversary Celebration during 2007; talk about it to friends, workmates, groups, local council, media and MPs. The public needs educating about nuclear war, weapons, proliferation, dangers and the benefits of NZ's nuclear free policies. Members of Parliament in particular are well-placed to educate, legislate, speak and act in many ways on nuclear issues.
It is vitally important that this message reaches everyone, so please give your most valualble help by forwarding this 2007 Nuclear Free New Zealand 20th Anniversary Celebration notice to everyone and anyone you can think of. We all need to be aware and save our planet and all living beings from possible extinction.


Extinction is Forever - Book Mark

An Easy Way to Spread the Word - Print yourself a book mark and send them to your friends     

United Nations International Day of Peace

September 23, 2007

Dear Friends,
I trust you will be interested in this event and wish to circulate this notice appropriately even if some of you are too far away. On this site
Many thanks Laurie Ross UNANZ

Nuclear Free NZ, the UN, and War on Iran Warnings

August 24, 2006

The Nuclear Free Peacemaking objective is to:
Keep New Zealand Nuclear Free, by educating people about its benefits and about the increasing risks of a nuclear war.
Help create a peaceful, just world, by promoting a pro-active peacemaking NZ foreign policy.
Support United Nations initiatives for nuclear disarmament.
Research, evaluate and educate about war risks.


STOP THE IRAQ WAR ~ PUBLIC MEETING ~ 7.30pm, Redcliffs School Hall

August 14, 2007

Hear what is possible ~ Antony Vallyon, Liz Whitehead, Commander Robert Green (retd), Erin Jackson, Matt McGarth
Come and Support Us ~ Everyone Welcome
Come and support us ~ Everyone welcome


The Unofficial Sequel to "An Inconvenient Truth"

by Olivia Zaleski
August 8, 2007

Recently I had the opportunity to catch a sneak preview of Leonardo Dicaprio's, The 11th Hour.
Said to be the unofficial sequel to An Inconvenient Truth, the film leaves off from an established understanding of environmental crisis and approaches the subsequent solutions humans must undertake to ensure a worthwhile future.
Following typical documentary format, the film reels vivid imagery to commentary from an impressive collection of scientists, political leaders, designers, and visionaries. Pundits range from former Soviet Prime Minister Mikhail Gorbachev to sustainable design authority William McDonough. In total, the film features 50 independent voices.


Anti-War Demonstration

comment by Larry Ross
August 4, 2007

This may be one of the most important anti-war demonstrations to be held against Bush's illegal war on Iraq and should be supported by all who wish an end to the war. The long-term estimates of some 2 Trillion dollars for the war should be compared to the US Civil Engineers estimate of some 1.6 trillion to repair the aging US infrastructure. Also many social welfare programmes in the US are now being starved of funds.  However to the Bush regime, inventing excuses to wage wars for empire and to feed the US military-industrial complex is likely to take priority. Demonstrations are needed for many reasons, but Bush has shown he will continue to make war whatever the cost and no matter what the criticism. Perpetual war is Bush's answer. This, endless profits and religious delusional are the sacred morality of the Bush regime. I doubt if demonstrations can do it. Impeachment may be the only sure way to stop a nuclear madman. 

Money for Bridges and Cities, NOT War! Sept. 29 in DC

August 3, 2007

On October 1, Congress is scheduled to authorize over $100 billion for continued war in Iraq, and estimates for the long term costs of the war are over $2 trillion. Already more than $500 billion has been spent. 
"The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates that the USA needs to spend $1.6 trillion over five years to put its infrastructure — which includes some 590,000 bridges — in good condition."


Television, Radio or Film Documentary Proposal

posted July 31, 2007

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of New Zealand's Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament and Arms Control Act
This is a story that has not yet been told and deserves to be seen and heard by all New Zealanders, in the 20 th Anniversary year celebrating the NZ Nuclear Free Zone Legislation of 1987.

  Cafe Conversation - 'Is Peace Possible'
from Kate Dewes
July 29, 2007

Sunday July 29, 3.30pm afternoon tea, for 4pm Board Room, corner of Union and Beresford Streets, New Brighton
Speaker: Ken Graham Topic: "Is Peace Possible?"
Disarmament & Security Centre
P O Box 8390
Christchurch          Ph/Fax: 64 3 348 1353


Bush Retaliates Against Michael Moore

comment by Larry Ross
July 28, 2007

Bush has found a way to retaliate against Michael Moore, both for his earlier film exposure, "Fahrenheit 9/11" and new film "Sicko" which attacks Bush's health care system and the US drug industry. Also, Bush and his neocons hate Cuba's very enlightened and comprehensive medical care system that shows up the failings of the US profit-driven healthcare system which fewer and fewer Americans can afford. No wonder they have a regime of punishments for Americans curious enough to go to Cuba and find out for themselves. Michael Moore has found and told the truth again to fellow Americans. That has made him an enemy to the Bush Administration. See: Letter from Michael Moore

Michael Moore Says He's Been Served    Michael Moore Subpoenaed by Bush Administration

from UPI
July 26, 2007

Michael Moore said Thursday that the Bush administration has served him with a subpoena regarding his trip to Cuba during the making of his new film, "Sicko."
The Oscar-winning filmmaker, who appeared Thursday on NBC's "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," said he was notified about the subpoena at the network's studios in Burbank, Calif.


See the Movie, Start the Revolution ...a letter from Michael Moore

July 26, 2007

Here is an example of effective social action in the US. Some of the campaign techniques and information on US healthcare might be useful in NZ. For example Fundraiser showings of Michael Moore's " Sicko" could be informative and profitable. - from Larry Loss
I am overwhelmed by the response to "Sicko." And I'm not just talking about all the wonderful, heart-felt letters you've sent me and the stories you've shared with me about the abuse you've suffered from our health care system.


Everyone Can Work To Impeach Bush-Cheney

July 26, 2007

A few hundred brave Americans led by Peace Heroine Cindy Sheehan called on Rep. John Conyers in New York to do his duty and initiate impeachment proceedings against Bush and Cheney. This attempt was not successful. The campaigners will increase their efforts on behalf of America and the world to impeach the war criminals before they can start another major war. Everyone can help stop the war criminals by helping or donating to those working for impeachment. Do-It-Yourself Impeachment

  Conyers Wimps Out While Gonzo Flames Out
July 24, 2007

On Monday, Rep. John Conyers brushed off the heroic impeachment efforts of Cindy Sheehan, Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Ray McGovern, Medea Benjamin, David Swanson, 300 dedicated impeachment marchers, 1 million petition signers, resolutions from dozens of cities and towns, and activists who called his office every 30 seconds.


Sheehan Arrested in Impeachment Protest

by Natasha Metzler
July 24, 2007

Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan was arrested Monday at the Capitol for disorderly conduct, shortly after saying she would run against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over the California Democrat's refusal to try to impeach President Bush.
Sheehan was taken into custody inside Rep. John Conyers' office, where she had spent an hour imploring him to launch impeachment proceedings against Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. Conyers, D-Mich., chairs the House Judiciary Committee, where any impeachment effort would have to begin.

  US Citizens Act To Impeach Bush & Cheney
July 21, 2007

After is acting to impeach the criminals who have deceived the American people thus violating the US Constitution. The Bush regime continues to violate both the Constitution and Internal law by illegally invading Iraq and continuing to murder thousands of Iraqis for resisting their invasion. Calling them "terrorists" is a subterfuge designed to further confuse and deceive the conditioned American people and gain their acceptance and approval for Bush's crimes. is neither confused nor deceived. 2+2 are still 4 and this is 2007 not Orwell's "1984". They are trying to get the message through to the American people that their world - the 'real world' - is threatened with unprecedented disaster. The criminal regime should be impeached immediately before they gone on to commit much greater crimes. needs all the help people everywhere can give them.

  Democrats are their own worst enemy
by Dave Lindorff
July 20, 2007

If it weren't so depressing, it would be entertaining to watch the loathed, ridiculed and remarkably unpopular Bush administration continue to run circles around the supposedly ascendant Democrats in Congress.
Now that Democrats have provided Bush with full summer funding for his outrageous and doomed escalation of the Iraq War, they are finding themselves incapable of stopping even that affront to the American public, which last November made it clear it wanted this bloody madness in Iraq to end.

  Internet makes 6 billion people one family - So do 26,000 nuclear weapons.
July 11, 2007

One secret decision can destroy our human family in hours. Expanding Bush's illegal wars to Iran, means using nuclear weapons. What peace people do in New York or Washington (see below) to end and prevent expanded wars and impeach the war criminals is also acting for you, me and everyone - everywhere. Use the Internet to encourage or help peace actions in New York and Washington The time is up, the countdown has started. The 3rd US aircraft carrier fleet is steaming toward the Persian Gulf. See: Do-It-Yourself Impeachment  now.


Troops Out Now Coalition  Politicians won't end the war - Elections won't stop the war - Only the People will stop the war!

Rally Monday July 16, Times Square - Troops Out Now! SEPT 22- 29: It's time to move from Protest to Resistance:
In just a few days, General Petreus will provide a preliminary report to Congress detailing the failure of the Bush "surge" to crush the resistance of the Iraqi people.  Politicians of both parties are scurrying to find positions that will allow them to publicly distance themselves from the failed attempt to colonize Iraq, while they continue to vote for funding for the war.

  Depression, Doomsday and Peace
July 7, 2007

Scientifically I contemplate the facts, such as:
The 9 arsenals of nuclear weapons with enough fire power to eliminate humanity many times over. Since 1945 famous people and the most informed experts have warned humanity about the nuclear arms race and the many ways it could mean sudden extinction for the human race. That's 62 years of warnings, but nuclear weapons have proliferated and criminal politicians want to use them.
That criminal minds, sociopaths and psychopaths, now control the world's greatest arsenals in the USA, UK and Israel.
... So I contemplate the race toward extinction and wonder “what can I do?”

  Israel: Influence on US Peace Movement and US Mid-East Policies
July 10, 2007

This is one of many articles I see dealing with the influence of Israel on US Mid-East policies, and how deeply it's agents and activists have penetrated US society. Not mentioned but very important is how Christian Zionists and 'End Time' religionists, link Israel and their favourite myth of 'God's final battle of Armageddon' to Israel's preservation. It is a potent mix in which George Bush as a fervent Christian Fundamentalist End Times believer, plays a vital role.

  US Middle East Wars: Social Opposition and Political Impotence
by James Petras
July 4, 2007

Everywhere I visit from Copenhagen to Istanbul, Patagonia to Mexico City, journalists and academics, trade unionists and businesspeople, as well as ordinary citizens, inevitably ask me why the US public tolerates the killing of over a million Iraqis over the last two decades, and thousands of Afghans since 2001?

  Great American Peace Lady Condemns BushCo
comment by Larry Ross
July 6, 2007

Cindy Sheehan returns to lead a peace walk from her old base in Crawford Texas to Washington D.C.
Like many Americans Cindy is outraged by Bush's spurning of the Court's decision to imprison Gordon Libby.
Once again she wants to focus America 's attention on the criminal BushCo conspiracy leading America toward fascism and more wars. She, like so many others, are victims of a series of BushCo lies, which deceived people into supporting an expanding war quagmire in Iraq and many other related crimes.

  Cindy Sheehan to Lead March From Crawford to Washington
by Angela K. Brown, Associated Press
July 3, 2007

Fort Worth, Texas - Cindy Sheehan will return to her protest site near President Bush's ranch in Crawford this weekend to bid farewell to the peace movement - but not with an anti-war rally.
Instead, Sheehan will sell some camping items, gather with friends from previous demonstrations and celebrate her 50th birthday in Crawford, about 100 miles south of Fort Worth. Then she will hand over the deed of her 5-acre lot to its new owner, radio talk-show host Bree Walker.
"I feel great," Sheehan told The Associated Press on Tuesday by telephone en route to Texas. "I'm feeling like it was the right decision for me. I feel like it was the best thing to do."

  Cindy Sheehan Interviewed by Amy Goodman
June 29, 2007

Congratulations on your May 13 article by Irene Chapple on Justice Thomas's statements on Blair as a war criminal, as by association are others, such as the George Bush Administration. The Bush/Blair deceptions to gain support before launching their illegal war on Iraq are one of the major crimes of our era.

  "We Will Retool...and Come at it from a Different Direction"
interview by Amy Goodman
May 30, 2007

- Cindy Sheehan Says She Will Return After Stepping Back as Antiwar Leader
Cindy Sheehan has been the face of the US antiwar movement for the past two years. In August 2005, she set up Camp Casey outside President Bush's Crawford estate in memory of her son Casey, who was killed in Iraq. Now Cindy says she is stepping back from her role as a leading campaigner against the Iraq war. In this Democracy Now! special, Cindy Sheehan joins us for the hour to talk about her decision. [includes rush transcript]


US Using Nuclear Weapons in Iraq

comment by Larry Ross
June 23, 2007

DU weapons spread toxic radioactive dust wherever they are used. With a half life of 4 billion years, the poisonous effects are gradually spreading around the world causing death and disease. It is like a slow motion form of nuclear war against all humanity, insidiously and secretly drifting world-wide, infecting millions. The US has slyly introduced a form of nuclear weapon and then lied. They claim DU weapons are harmless. The poisonous effects may manifest years later in the form of cancer, genetic mutations in the children of exposed people and a range of other diseases.
Present and increasing DU dust in our global environment can cause mutations in anyone's children, grandchildren and future generations forever. Banning DU weapons and educating others about DU is everyone's responsibility.



From International Action Center, Founded by Ramsey Clark, Former U.S. Attorney General

..... Today, half of the 697,000 U.S. Gulf War troops from the 1991 war have reported serious medical problems and a significant increase in birth defects among their newborn children.

Larry Ross is interviewed on "Radio Bridge", on Plains FM 96.6
at 12.30 pm
Thursday, June 14, 2007

About NZ's Nuclear Free Zone and why it is more relevant today than ever before.
To read the complete press release and follow up reports on this please go HERE
Future "Radio Bridge" programmes will deal with peace and disarmament issues on the first Thursday of every month starting on July 5

Phil Goff Warns of Nuclear Holocaust
comment by Larry Ross
June 9, 2007

Phil Goff's warning to the 20th anniversary meeting in Christchurch June 9 of NZ's nuclear free zone is 100% correct. World survival is threatened by 27,000 nuclear weapons, some on 'hair-trigger' ready-to-launch status and a total of 8 nuclear weapon nations. At any time the world can be destroyed "by nuclear accident, miscalculation or deliberate act of madness" as President Kennedy warned at the UN in 1963. Even worse are new US nuclear weapons and new doctrines allowing the President to wage pre-emptive nuclear war, and also introduce nuclear weapons use into any conflict. This massive threat means everyone should be worried and active helping to stop this nuclear madness. New Zealand 's nuclear free law is more relevant today as Phil Goff says, than in 1984.

New Zealand politicians stoke anti-nuclear activism
Asia-Pacific News
June 9, 2007

Wellington - On the 20th anniversary of New Zealand's anti-nuclear legislation, the country's politicians have called for a southern hemisphere wide nuclear-free zone and for an end to investment in nuclear weapons, according to statements Saturday.
The New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament, and Arms Control Act was passed on June 8, 1987. It resulted in the country being suspended from the Anzus (Australia, New Zealand and Australia) defence pact with the US and Australia.
But Trade and Disarmament Minister Phil Goff told a forum in the South Island city of Christchurch that he wanted the whole of the southern hemisphere to become a nuclear-free zone within 20 years. He also criticized nations' complacency.
'The threat to the world of nuclear weapons grows as more countries acquire possession of them... With the world having lived with nuclear weapons for over sixty years, a key challenge today is international complacency about the threat they pose,' he said in a statement.
A co-leader of New Zealand's left-wing Green party, which is in the government coalition, also demanded the country withdraw NZ$30 million of taxpayer investment in companies involved in nuclear weapons production.


Phil Goff to speak on NZ Nuclear Free

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Interactive Open Forum to commemorate the 20th anniversary of New Zealand's nuclear free legislation.
Saturday 9 June at 10 am
Where Visitor Lounge, Canterbury Museum, Christchurch, where the Nuclear Free NZ exhibition is showing until 22 July.

  Nuclear-Free Legislation—20th Anniversary
Hon Phil Goff
June 7, 2007

Hon PHIL GOFF (Minister for Disarmament and Arms Control): I move, That this House note that 8 June 2007 is the 20th anniversary of the passing by this House of the New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament, and Arms Control Act 1987 and resolve that New Zealand should continue to work for a nuclear weapon – free world; and that, in striving for a world free of nuclear weapons, the House call for: the implementation and strengthening of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, including the unequivocal undertaking made by nuclear weapon States in 2000 to move towards the total elimination of their nuclear arsenals; the expansion and strengthening of nuclear weapon – free zones and a nuclear weapon – free Southern Hemisphere; the entry into force of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty; the enactment of a Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty; and the universal implementation of nuclear non-proliferation instruments such as the International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism and United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540.

  Will NZ Become A US Fascist State?
comment by Larry Ross
May 29, 2007

The following exposure shows very unhealthy trends - that spies are being infiltrated into environmental and peace groups and that all their records, emails, personnel and plans are being catalogued and acted on by those employing the spies.  We don't know what is being done with these records; whether government agencies are given access to them, and whether the activists involved are now listed as people to watch by government agencies. These questions should be investigated and vigorous action taken to stop and expose any such actions. We cannot expect to have a free, questioning, morally-involved and acting society if people are intimidated into silence by such fascist threats.


'I was paid to betray protesters'

May 27, 2007

The tactics by Thompson & Clark Investigations are believed to be a first for New Zealand and have shocked the groups and civil rights supporters, who have demanded answers from the government about taxpayer-funded spying.


Finding the enemy within

May 27, 2007

An Auckland private investigation firm is paying agents to infiltrate and spy on environmental, peace and anti-vivisection groups for its clients, including state-owned enterprise Solid Energy.

  Wisdom From the Carpenters
comment by Larry Ross
May 29, 2007

In the Bible both Mark and Mathew refer to Jesus as a carpenter and carpenter's son. In the following article two UK carpenters were found innocent by a jury in England for planning to prevent US B52's from committing war crimes by dropping bombs to kill or maim Iraqi people.
Jesus was an inspired social reformer and activist in his day and acted against those committing crimes against the people. So today's two carpenters are carrying on a fine tradition. They risked great danger and years in prison for what they did. They deserve praise and recognition for their contribution to humanity. If the UK was a real Christian nation they would be honoured with a knighthood. Some 0ne million articles are listed under a Google search of "Jesus - the Carpenter"


Fairford Two strike blow for anti-war protesters

by Esther Addley and Richard Norton-Taylor
May 26, 2007

after jury decide they were acting to stop crime
If they were to do it over again, Phil Pritchard says, they would bring less stuff. He and Toby Olditch were carrying "silly amounts" when they broke into RAF Fairford on the eve of the Iraq war: bolts and screws to be placed inside the B-52s' engines, pictures of smiling Iraqi children to be stuck on to the payload doors, toothbrushes and stamps to be used in prison, and flashing headbands in the hope that they would look too ridiculous to be shot.

comment by Larry Ross
May 17, 2007

It's amazing that Fidel Castro managed to survive all the US assassination attempts to kill him. Castro has introduced many reforms in all fields, particularly free health and educational services. Rather than earning US approval, this has not diminished US government and media demonization of Cuba or US sanctions against it. It makes one wonder how long Hugo Chavez of Venezuela will survive if US tries similar assassination attempts on him. Like Castro defeating a US-based dictatorship, Chavez has also defied the US by his crime of nationalising Venezuela 's oil for Venezuelans. Given the record of US installed and supported military dictatorships in Latin America, will the Bush regime, or those that may take over the Bush mantle, go back to this strategy?

  The book - 634 WAYS TO KILL FIDEL CASTRO by Fabián Escalante

The Secret War series In a highly readable and informative style, Fabián Escalante reviews over four decades of attempts to kill Fidel Castro—involving weapons that ranged from exploding cigars and poison pens to grenades and bazookas. As the former director of Cuban counterintelligence, Escalante played a significant role in frustrating many of these assassination plans, made by the CIA and the Mafia under a project codenamed "Executive Action." Although melodramatic and at times quite comical, these plots were deadly serious—and illegal, as subsequent U.S. government inquiries such as the 1975 Church Commission concluded.

  Free Leonard Peltier Now
comment by Larry Ross
May 16, 2007

This article and eloquent appeal is directed at non-white people, but applies just as much to whites. That is why I've circulated it - so people can better understand some of the unsavoury aspects of so-called ' Western Civilization'. The article also helps us understand the horrific US-originated Vietnam quagmire, and today's quagmire in Iraq . The mass deception by most Western leaders today, and the war-lie propaganda of our mass media, is one reason why so few people are informed and therefore why people allow our unprovoked wars against others to continue.
Leonard Peltier is a heroic American Indian, imprisoned for 30 years for a crime he did not commit. Free Leonard Peltier Now!

  Time for Justice and the Rejection of Genicide
by Larry Pinkney
May 16, 2007

Notwithstanding the unspeakable atrocities of the African holocaust, slavery, lynchings, and ongoing disenfranchisement of Black people in America, perhaps no other people have suffered such despicably horrible and repugnant exploitation, degradation and genocide as have our indigenous native "Indian" brothers and sisters at the hands of the conquering Europeans, who subsequently formed the deceitful, land thieving, and hypocritical nation which has come to be known as the United States of America. Just as the necessary and legitimate struggle by Black people in America for justice, reparations, and equality continues and intensifies, so it is that the legitimate and closely related struggles of and by Red and Brown peoples continue unabated on this continent.


Troops Out Now Demonstration in USA

May 16, 2007

This US appeal has many interesting ideas that could be used in NZ and other countries.
One important missing factor is that the Bush Administration may stage a false terrorist attack on the US, then blame Iran in order to justify a US massive pre-emptive strike against Iran. Brzezinski and other eminent Americans have warned that this type of well-known 'false flag' tactic or something similar may be used to gain public and Congressional approval for the next war - Bush's long-planned war on Iran. Bush is getting desperate for many reasons, with a very unpopular expanding  Iraq war and dropping popularity.

  Put the Antiwar Movement Back on the Streets
September 22-29, 2007

Stop the War Abroad and at Home
In the spirit of unity, and for the purpose of taking the movement from politicians and putting it back into the streets, the Troops Out Now Coalition submits this proposal to all antiwar forces:
Our proposal is for an Encampment to Stop the War at Home & Abroad, starting on Saturday, September 22 in Washington D.C., culminating in a mass march in Washington on Saturday 29.

  Peace Lovers & Activists - see who has been fighting for your freedom
comment by Larry Ross
May 16, 2007

Bertrand Russell has always been my favourite philosopher. I corresponded with him on war/peace issues from Canada in 1961 and continued in New Zealand from 1962, on the Vietnam War. I was honoured when he asked me to form the Australasian Branch of The Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation which I did until about 1968. I admire this great man who is an example of what we can become. He was willing to act for his principles and go to jail for peace actions at age 90. He was a humanist and rationalist, who believed man evolved and was the author of his own destiny with no divine intervention. The Fight For Peace Continues

  Letter to the Editor - Kiwi judge calls Blair a criminal
May 15, 2007

Congratulations on your May 13 article by Irene Chapple on Justice Thomas's statements on Blair as a war criminal, as by association are others, such as the George Bush Administration. The Bush/Blair deceptions to gain support before launching their illegal war on Iraq are one of the major crimes of our era.

  Kiwi judge calls Blair a criminal
by Irene Chapple
May 13, 2007

A New Zealand Supreme Court judge has launched a blistering attack on outgoing British Prime Minister Tony Blair, effectively calling him a war criminal for his role in the Iraq conflict.
Justice Ted Thomas, who retired last year but still presides over ongoing cases, told the Sunday Star-Times yesterday that Blair "deceived Cabinet, parliament and the British people" over the war.

  War Crimes
by Ken Coates
May, 2007

‘Tony Blair's contempt for Middle Eastern lives has already been adequately demonstrated in Iraq and Lebanon . His lack of genuine concern for British servicemen is demonstrated by his steadfast refusal to meet even one parent of a dead British serviceman or woman killed in the wars he created.'

  US Commanding Gen. Batiste (ret.) Criticises Bush
comment by Larry Ross
May 14, 2007

General Batiste says to Bush: " did not listen. You continue to pursue a failed strategy that is breaking our great Army and Marine have placed our nation in peril. Our only hope is that Congress will act now to protect our fighting men and women". He said to US Senators "protect America not George Bush".

  General Dicontent
by Jake Tapper
May 9, 2007

In an act of defiance perhaps not seen since President Truman fired Gen. Douglas MacArthur, today the anti-war veterans group, which has been influential with Capitol Hill Democrats, is launching a half-million-dollar TV ad campaign featuring Maj Gen John Batiste (Ret.), former commanding general of the first infantry division in Iraq.    

  Culture of Peace
comment by Larry Ross
May 9, 2007

Is it possible to stop the Bush war machine and other wars, and further a global culture of peace?
UNESCO articles that follow have a number of programmes devoted to the idea of promoting a global "Culture of Peace".
This is a very noble idea and many may prefer to follow this ideal than to seriously concern themselves with stopping and exposing the lies behind present US wars. However I suggest that the objectives intertwine and that we should stop war and promote peace at the same time.
UNESCO has some useful and inspiring advice.

  American Opposition to War On Iran
comment by Larry Ross
May 5, 2007

This American organization is doing it's best to awaken America to the catastrophic threat that the Bush Administration is planning a war on Iran. The military is in place and the demonization of Iran is continuing, just like Bush did before he invaded, bombed, occupied etc Iraq and killed 600,000 innocent people. If you wish to learn more, and help, contact the Stop War on Iran organization.

  A Forum: Stopping the War Against Iran
Saturday, May 12, 2007

6:30 pm, Judson Memorial Church Assembly Hall, 239 Thompson St., (Washington Sq. Park South & Thompson) in Manhattan
Join us for a forum and discussion on the growing threats and ongoing attacks by the U.S. against the people of Iran.
Why has the U.S. targeted Iran for “regime change?”
Why is the U.S. backing terrorist attacks inside Iran, including kidnappings, assassinations, and car bombings?
What's behind the massive U.S. military buildup in the Gulf, including 2 aircraft carrier groups and hundreds of attack aircraft?
How is the demonization of the people of Iran and their democratically-elected President part of the Bush Administration's drive to war?
What can you do to help the campaign to stop a new war in the Middle East?
         for more information - or American-Iranian Friendship Committee

  Stop War On Iran
comment by Larry Ross
May 2, 2007

This appeal is from General Wesley Clark's website. It is unusual to have a 4-Star US General campaigning to prevent a war.
He certainly has an illustrious record as head of NATO attacking the Serbian invasion of Kosovo.  I think his accusations against Iran are quite wrong, but he is condemning the Bush regime's push for a war with Iran. He is advocating peaceful discussions with Iran with a view to resolving differences. He is recommending people take action to help bring this about. All this is good and should be supported. People may disagree with Clark on many points, as I do, but we are lucky to have him on the side of peace when the Bush Administration is working toward a catastrophic war with Iran.
from General Wesley Clark

Please join the Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans at and me -- sign the petition to President Bush today.  Urge him to work with our allies and use every diplomatic, political, and economic option at our disposal to deal with Iran.  War is not the answer.
All Americans want to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons and interfering on the ground inside Iraq. Yet President Bush's saber rattling gives the US little additional leverage to engage and dissuade Iran, and, more than likely, simply accelerates a dangerous slide into war. The United States can do better than this.
See also: The Danger of Silence by Wesley Clark, Huffington Post, March 7, 2007

  Vermont Votes To Impeach Bush and Cheney
comment by Larry Ross
April 22, 2007

If Vermont can do it, others may follow.
Let hope this positive step to take American back from the war criminals will bear fruit before they manage to start another war.

  Vermont Senate Urges Bush-Cheney Impeachment
Burlington Free Press
April 20, 2007

The Vermont Senate has passed a resolution urging impeachment proceedings in the U.S. Congress against President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.
The resolution passed Friday 16-9. The 16 supporters were Democrats. Three Democrats joined six Republicans in opposing the resolution, the Burlington (Vt.) Free Press reported Saturday.
The resolution said Bush and Cheney's leadership raised "serious questions of constitutionality, statutory legality and abuse of public trust."  The state's congressional delegation said it is premature to pursue impeachment, though they share frustrations and anger at the Bush administration.

  Impeachment Movement Gathering Steam
comment by Larry Ross
April 22, 2007

It's wonderful that the American people are working to have Bush and Chaney impeached.
This prospect is another reason why the Bush regime may resort to extreme measures soon. If he stages a 'false flag terrorist attack' excuse to nuclear bomb Iran, he is likely to quickly follow that with all kinds of emergency legislation in the US including martial law, conscription and a crack down on critics of the Bush regime.

  Impeachment Fever Rises
by John Nochols
April 20, 2007

When Nancy Pelosi announced last fall that impeachment was "off the table," official Washington accepted that the primary avenue for holding lawless Presidents to account had been closed off by the new Speaker of the House. But the Republic's citizenry has not been so inclined. And now, with the Administration's troubles mounting, they're preparing to tell Pelosi that America and the world cannot wait until January 20, 2009, to put an end to Bush's reign of error. When Pelosi arrives at the California Democratic Convention in San Diego on April 28--the same day that activists nationwide will rally for presidential accountability--she'll find on the agenda a resolution that declares that the actions of President Bush and Vice President Cheney "warrant impeachment and trial, and removal from office." Delegates are expected to endorse the measure.

  Will You Dare To Look Back?
comment by Larry Ross
April 21, 2007

Wow !!!! Sheila Samples, ex-US Army Public Information Officer, spells out awful truths of the evil that has taken over the US and runs it like a Mafia fiefdom and worse, far, far worse.
It comes from the: 'Move On' peace organization in the US. See   and If you are ready to be shocked, read it and let me know what you think. Is she right or not? email Larry at :
Should we, and can we, do something to help stop this evil? Or should we do nothing and pretend it isn't happening?

  DARE TO LOOK BACK: Damned if we don't
April 17, 2007

I cannot recall a single day since Vulcans' Godfather James Baker sent his thuggish henchman John Bolton to Florida's Palm Beach County to screw up the vote count that has not been filled with horror, anger, shame -- despair. On Dec. 9, 2000 -- three days before the Florida deadline -- the US Republic shuddered on its axis when Bolton crashed through the doors of a Tallahassee library where Miami-Dade ballots were being recounted and shouted triumphantly -- "I'm with the Bush-Cheney team, and I'm here to stop the count!"
In that instant we lost most of what had taken more than two centuries to build. In one fell swoop, Americans were thrust into the mire of an Orwellian World spinning out of control on the other side of the Looking Glass. What a tragedy -- not that so many failed to realize their government had just been seized in a coup de'etat -- but that the few who did refused to acknowledge it.

  One Congressman Acts For Truth
April 20, 2007

Only Congressman Dennis Kucinich is willing to tell the truth about Iraq and the various crimes of Bush and his administration.
This lonely warrior wants to stop Bush and his team from committing anymore war crimes and doing irreparable damage to the world and the United States. .... Kucinich deserves support from every sane, uncorrupted American.

  Articles of Impeachment To Be Filed On Cheney
by Mary Ann Akers
April 18, 2007

Looks like he's reached his boiling point.Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), the most liberal of the Democratic presidential candidates in the primary field, declared in a letter sent to his Democratic House colleagues this morning that he plans to file articles of impeachment against Vice President Dick Cheney. Kucinich has made ending the war in Iraq the central theme of his campaign. He has even taken aim at the leading Democratic presidential candidates in the field for their votes on authorizing the war.

  Preventing War on Iran
April 7, 2007

Noam Chomsky gives an excellent analysis of the crisis, and how the US is building up fake accusations and justifications for war with Iran as it did to make war on Iraq in 2003.
He then offers a brilliant analysis of logical steps toward peace which would be supported by world public opinion as indicated in public opinion polls.
But I doubt if this brilliant solution will be allowed by those who control the power to wage wars and thereby destroy our world. They are on a collision course with Iran in pursuit of their vision of global domination, including control of the world's oil resources.

  Chomsky: Preventing War with Iran
by Noam Chomsky
April 6, 2007

... The results of an attack on Iran could be horrendous. After all, according to a recent study of "the Iraq effect" by terrorism specialists Peter Bergen and Paul Cruickshank, using government and Rand Corporation data, the Iraq invasion has already led to a seven-fold increase in terror. The "Iran effect" would probably be far more severe and long-lasting. British military historian Corelli Barnett speaks for many when he warns that "an attack on Iran would effectively launch World War III."

  State Secession from US
April 4, 2007

Vermont is leading the way in a movement that could challenge the imperial ambitions of the Bush neocon regime.  Bush needs every state to perform an obedient role - no matter how crazy and insane it may be. If states like Vermont  secede and govern themselves and conduct their own foreign policy, Bush would soon lack the power, money and military to wage expensive overseas wars.

  Will Vermont Secede from the Union?
By Ian Baldwin and Frank Bryan
April 3, 2007

The winds of secession are blowing in the Green Mountain State.
Vermont was once an independent republic, and it can be one again. We think the time to make that happen is now. Over the past 50 years, the U.S. government has grown too big, too corrupt and too aggressive toward the world, toward its own citizens and toward local democratic institutions. It has abandoned the democratic vision of its founders and eroded Americans' fundamental freedoms.

  Physicists Warn Bush
comment by Larry Ross
April 2, 2007

The advice of experts from many professions, all warning against Bush's plans to wage pre-emptive war against a non-nuclear state - Iran,  has had no effect. The consequences of a nuclear war were spelled out by these eminent physicists. It had no effect. Bush and his neocons wish to control middle east oil resources. They believe they have the power and resources to do it and are willing to take whatever risks are involved. These Bush people are already war criminals for what they have done to Iraq with their lie-based illegal war. So they think they have nothing to lose. Congress is co-operating by funding their wars, repeating their lies, and doing nothing to prevent Bush's planned nuclear war on Iran. This is the end of American Democracy. A new dark ages threatens to engulf humanity for ages to come, unless a global war terminates all life.

  Prominent US Physicists Send Letter to President Bush
by Kim McDonald
April 17, 2006

Thirteen of the nation's most prominent physicists have written a letter to President Bush, calling U.S. plans to reportedly use nuclear weapons against Iran “gravely irresponsible” and warning that such action would have “disastrous consequences for the security of the United States and the world.”
The physicists include five Nobel laureates, a recipient of the National Medal of Science and three past presidents of the American Physical Society, the nation's preeminent professional society for physicists.

  US-UK War ON Iran
March 31, 2007

The British 'Poodle', acting for the US, is preparing the way for a war on Iran. George Galloway MP tells about it below and recommends peace action. The US, UK and Israel want war with Iran and are prepared to tell any lie, or stage any provocation to get it.
They want to turn Iran into another killing field as they have done in Iraq. Stealing and/or controlling the Middle East Oil resources is the real name of their game.  George Galloway, UK MP, tells about it and recommends actions below.

  George Galloway: Resist the war drive against Iran
March 31, 2007

Respect MP George Galloway writes on the lies that prepare the way for missiles.
The capture by Iranian forces of 15 British sailors in the Gulf brought shrill, bellicose headlines last weekend and calls for retribution.
The anti-war movement has done a superb job in winning a clear majority against the war and occupation in Iraq. But no one should believe that because the case against the “war on terror” is so overwhelming then no British government can garner support for another military misadventure.

  The Peace Movement Today - Where Is It?
March 27, 2007

As one who foresaw, and lectured against the Vietnam War before it started in the early 60's, and more or less continuously ever since about the nuclear arms race, wars and lately the Iraq War and the US planned War against Iran, I have been concerned about the peace movement. Where are the thousands that demonstrated in 2003 before Bush launched his illegal war on Iraq ? Now the Iraq body count is 655,000, the same people don't bother to demonstrate or make any noticeable gesture against this war now. Why? Tom Englehart gives some of the answers below.

  Demobilizing America: Outsourcing Action in an Imperial World
by Tom Engelhardt
March 25, 2007

Excuse me if, at 62, and well into my second era of protest against yet another distant, disastrous, and disabling American war, I express a little confusion.

  Impeach Bush - The Only Solution?
March 22, 2007

How do you deal with a power-mad and delusional President pursuing  a plan of endless wars for Empire, who has already killed at least 655,000 people and plans to soon begin a new war on Iran using nuclear weapons? I think Dennis Kucinich is right, that Bush must be impeached, urgently, if this disaster is to be stopped before Bush's military activities trigger a world war III.

  "Impeachment: I'm asking you. Do you think it's time?"
by Dennis Kucinich
March 21, 2007

This past week in the Congress of the United States, I noted that the administration has threatened aggressive war against Iran. This is a violation of the UN charter. Charters are treaties. Article 6 of the Constitution of the United States says that treaties are the law of our land, the supreme law of our land. It's illegal to threaten aggressive war against another nation.
My fellow Americans. We are in an interesting condition in this country, where we are told to take impeachment off the table and keep on the table a U.S. military attack against Iran.     See also: Impeach him or hang him?

  Criminal Empire Depends On Continuing Lies
March 22, 2007

This article based on opinions of a Spanish judge that Bush should face charges as a war criminal for his illegal war on Iraq based on lies, is vitally important. It should be read by everyone who accepts Bush lies as truth, and by those who deny, justify, minimize or accept the continuing situation today. Its findings are similar to our own at the PANNZ mock war crimes trial of Bush, Blair and Howard that we held in August 2004 in Christchurch New Zealand. Every MP, government servant, and member of the legal profession, and other interested person should read this and consider their own and their nation's policies.

  Spain judge says Bush and Iraq war allies should face war crimes charges
March 20, 2007

[JURIST] Baltasar Garzon [BBC profile; JURIST news archive ], an investigating judge for Spain's National Court [official website, in Spanish], said Tuesday that President George W. Bush and his allies eventually should face war crimes charges for their actions in Iraq. In an opinion piece [text, in Spanish] for El Pais , Garzon called the war in Iraq "one of the most sordid and unjustifiable episodes in recent human history." Garzon also criticized those who joined the US president in the war against Iraq as having equally responsible for joining the war effort despite their doubts. In 1999, Garzon tried to extradite former Chilean dictator General Augusto Pinochet [JURIST news archive] from Britain and try him for crimes against humanity. Reuters has more .

  On the slippery slope to extinction
March 19, 2007

SCOTLAND will fail to meet an international deadline to stop the alarming decline of its wildlife, a report seen by The Scotsman warns. Up to 60 per cent of the nation's species could be in decline, raising fears the country is facing a future eco-system collapse.
Among those most at risk of extinction are the great crested newt, the red squirrel, the common skate, the black grouse and juniper, according to the report by some of the country's leading environmental groups. Now those same groups are calling for a renewed effort to insure the demise of some of the country's rarest species is reversed.

  Al Gore's Blog    See his journal here >>  March 2007
March 2007

On March 21st, I will testify before Congress on the immediate action that needs to be taken to end the climate crisis. Help me fill the committee room with 350,000 messages.

  Thousands Rally and March Against Bush's Iraq War
March 19, 2007

From London to New York and Washington to Los Angeles in fact all over the world thousands of people were rallying and marching in protest on the 4th anniversary, March 17, of Bush's illegal Iraq war based on his lies. Freezing weather deterred thousands more.
In Christchurch New Zealand about 100 rallied in Cathedral Square. An Iraqi speaker told of the horrible conditions and 600,000 deaths in Iraq and the deprivation, squalor and incredible misery his relatives were suffering in Iraq, as a result of the Bush Administration.

  Anti-war protesters rally in New York four years after Iraq invasion
from Yahoo News
March 18, 2007

Thousands of anti-war protesters took to the streets of New York Sunday to demand the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq , in a second day of national rallies to mark the fourth anniversary of the war.
Organizers from the group United for Peace and Justice said between 25,000 and 30,000 people marched in the rally, which came a day after similar mass protests in Washington and Los Angeles . Police did not estimate the turnout.
A colorful mixture of students, cyclists, Vietnam war veterans and musicians marched through Midtown Manhattan, drumming and chanting slogans such as "Troops out now" and calling for President George W. Bush to be impeached.

  In Christchurch New Zealand, our Iraq War protest rally will be in Cathedral Square
at 12 noon Saturday March 17, 2007

Short talks, Songs, Petition to Stop a New War On Iran. Bring banners and placards if you wish.
Show solidarity with patriotic American friends, who are encamping in Washington to stop Bush's lie-based assault on Iraq. This criminal genocide (over 600,00 Iraqis murdered) must be stopped. We must also stop the Bush-Chaney 'surge' on Iraq before they create a 'surprise provocation' blamed on Iran, to use as justification for their pre-planned assault on a possible 10,000 targets in Iran. See you there, Larry Ross

  Encampment to Stop the War March 12-19+ The Occupation of Washington Begins
March 12, 2007

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Latest from Stop War On Iran
from Pannz
Tell Bush and Congress: Hands Off Iran!   We must act now to stop another war.
More than 150,000 petitions sent to Bush, Cheney, Halliburton, and Congress
More than 4,500 signers on the Stop War on Iran Statement
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Next Step: Help us get the word out across the U.S.
  The latest on Larry's lecture tour in NZ
Find out how you can help save the planet from U.S. nuclear destruction.

The Shocking Truth – Nuclear War With Iran The Talk in Cathedral Square, Christchurch
...People with impeccable credentials have written that the so-called terrorist attack on New York and the Pentagon on Sept 9, 2001 was an inside job. Also, that the so-called al-Qaeda terrorists were really pawns in a much bigger conspiracy, organised by the Bush Administration to create a new enemy and justify their global crusade and wars against terrorism.

  Key Points When Lobbying MP's and Others on:
  US Students Active Against Iraq War
March 16, 2007

Students everywhere will be interested in this article and video about US students becoming more active against the Iraq war and Bush's plans for a new major war against Iran. Because the US mass media acts as the war propaganda department of the Bush Administration there is a virtual media blackout on news about Campus protest activities and teach-ins in the USA. 'Embedded' reporters usually only report war news, and war-related news, the way the Pentagon wants.
The following gives students the facts. It would be a great help if readers would forward this article to students, student organizations and their media.
If Bush is not stopped, he will try and target today's students, and make them tomorrow's cannon fodder. They have a right to be informed and warned.

  Activists Announce Protests at Pentagon and on Campuses
by Geoffrey Millard, Lance Page and Scott Galindez
March 12, 2007

On Saturday, March 17, anti-war activists from around the country will gather near the Vietnam Memorial and march to the Pentagon. This event comes 40 years after the historic march on the Pentagon which many observers saw as a turning point in the movement against the Vietnam War. Student organizers are also planning events on campuses around the country between March 15 and 20.

  Democrats Pretext For Funding War
Comment by Larry Ross
March 11, 2007

The Democrats are not intending to use their power to cut off funding and end the Iraq  war. Basically they are continuing to give Bush a carte blanche to do as he pleases, when he pleases, to whomever he pleases.
The US has become a de-facto dictatorship, and the Democrats have already signalled that they are ready to approve a war with Iran.

  Stop War by Impeaching Bush
Comment by Larry Ross
March 9, 2007

Cindy Sheehan, Dan DeWalt and Ellen McKay have pointed out below, one of the best ways to stop the Iraq war. The group lecture tour of Vermont with town meetings to vote on impeaching Bush was an outstanding success. What a great way to allow the people to vote on the future of their country! Many Americans, even a majority, are frustrated at the apparent hesitation and helplessness of the US Senate and Congress to stop Bush. Could something like this be done in other countries? It would encourage US citizens.

  Impeach Bush & Co
Message from Larry Ross
March 8, 2007

Don't forget 4th Anniversary  Iraq war Rally, Songs and Talks at 12 midday, Saturday March 17 at Cathedral Square. Banners and posters welcome. Petitions to stop investing in US war corporations like Halliburton and Prevent/Stop the War on Iran.

  Vermont Votes to Impeach Bush/Cheney
by John Nichols
March 7, 2007

The Nation - When Vermont Governor Jim Douglas, a Republican with reasonably close ties to President Bush, asked if there was any additional business to be considered at the town meeting he was running in Middlebury, Ellen McKay popped up and proposed the impeachment of Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. The governor was not amused. As moderator of the annual meeting, he tried to suggest that the proposal to impeach - along with another proposal to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq - could not be voted on.
But McKay, a program coordinator at Middlebury College, pressed her case. And it soon became evident that the crowd at the annual meeting shared her desire to hold the president to account. So Douglas backed down.

  Vermont: Land of Hope
by Cindy Sheehan
March 8, 2007

My recent trip to Turkey opened my eyes further to anti-American hatred. .....
I want to live in a country that gives hope to the world. I want to live in a country that decreases world instability instead of fomenting and celebrating it.

  Creeping Fascism in US
Comment by Larry Ross
March 7, 2007

Whistle-blower Mark Klein found that the Bush regime wanted to keep secret from the American people, that their communications were been monitored by US intelligence. Also that top media executives willingly became a part of this conspiracy by killing this story. And one got a bigger job at the New York Times where he could do the same censorship. As the NYT says "All the news that (the Bush regime says) is fit to print" Some of the comments are excellent. Others are important because they show how many American have been duped, and believe censorship and spying on Americans is justified so long as Bush claims "it is a necessary part of the war on terrorism etc"

  Whistle-blower Had to Fight NSA, LA Times to Tell Story
by Brian Ross and Vic Walter
March 6, 2007

Whistle-blower AT&T technician Mark Klein says his effort to reveal alleged government surveillance of domestic Internet traffic was blocked not only by U.S. intelligence officials but also by the top editors of the Los Angeles Times.

  Letter to all M.P.s
from Larry Ross
March 6 , 2007

Press Release March 6, 2007: To Honour and Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of New Zealand 's 1987 Nuclear Free Legislation
David Lange promised in 1984, "Elect Labour and we'll make all of New Zealand Nuclear Free" In spite of overseas allies and National Party opposition, Parliament legislated to make New Zealand nuclear free on August 6, 1987.

  Chavez Moving Ahead
March 1, 2007

George Galloway is one of the few British MPs who consistently and bravely, has criticised the policies and wars of the Bush regime.
In the article below he is championing the leadership and independent policies of Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela. The US hates what Chavez is doing in leading other Latin American countries toward independence and improvement in the social conditions of their peoples.
Will Chavez be able to defend himself and his government from US subversion? Fidel Castro of Cuba has managed to defeat repeated US attempts at assassination, but is now in decline due to illness and old age. Will the improvements in Cuba under Castro remain when he is gone? I hope so.

  These orchestrated attacks on Chávez are a travesty
by George Galloway
February 28, 2007

A social revolution is taking place in Venezuela. No wonder the neocons and their friends are determined to discredit it.
he chilling Oliver Stone film Salvador got a rare airing on television this week. It was a reminder of a time when, for those on the left, little victories were increasingly dwarfed by big defeats - not least in a Latin America which became synonymous with death squads and juntas. How different things seem now. Yesterday US Vice-President Dick Cheney came uncomfortably close to the reality of Afghan resistance to foreign occupation. On the same day Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez delivered a mightier blow to the neocon dream of US domination, announcing an extension of public ownership of his country's oil fields - the richest outside the Middle East.

  Momentum Growing for Encampment to Stop the War
Posted February 25, 2007

ENCAMPMENT TO STOP THE WAR - In Washington DC Beginning March 12    In the past few days, we have been contacted by thousands of people from all over the country promising to come to Washington and STAY to stop the war.   We send them our encouragement and support.

  Australian Protest At Bush/Cheney/Howard Iraq War
Comment by Larry Ross
February 23, 2007

It's good to see these photos of Australians protesting the Iraq war and the Cheney visit. Many people.are waking up to the facts that Australia is helping the Bush regime fight a totally illegal war based on lies. The war has no purpose or meaning, except to dominate middle east oil and to be a base to launch a lie-based war on Iran.

  Chain up Cheney! Bring Hicks home!
Words and pictures by Gavin Gatenby
February 22, 2007

Sydney anti-war marchers defy police ban and reclaim the streets
This evening 1500 anti-war demonstrators overcame a strong police presence and, after a half-hour confrontation with the NSW riot squad and mounted police marched to the US Consulate to protest against US Vice-President Dick Cheney's visit to Australia and the five-year imprisonment of David Hicks in Guantanamo Bay.
An unexpected last-minute ban by NSW Police (no doubt at the instigation of the NSW Labor Government) turned what would have been a routine demonstration into a major test of the right to march.

  Letter to Helen Clark on the Middle East Crisis
from Larry Ross
February 16, 2007

You were willing to take the risk of going against traditional and emotional impulses to follow the US-UK-Australia direction without serious question.You went beyond US propaganda handouts, false or doctored US 'intelligence' so-called "secret reports' and the other nonsense of imperial manipulation of allied governments.
I don't think people understand the great internal and external pressures you must have been under to join the Western war alliance against Iraq.

  A Word to the BBC - Stop Perpetuating Bush Lies
from Anna Allan
February 14, 2007

The BBC was looked up to as an entity you could TRUST.
During this last week I have witnessed yet again the BBC News repeating Bush lies about "The Iranian Nuclear Weapons" and the "The Iranian Nuclear Weapons Policies". These are figments of Bush's imagination, part of his insane scheme for world domination. You refer to these weapons as if they were a matter of fact and in existence and so instill the lie in peoples' minds as truth.
If it were not for the lies about WMD in Iraq, Blair would not have been able to make it possible for Bush to invade Iraq and then there would not have been the London bombings.
Everything we do has some consequence for which we are responsible.

  I Am With You 100% Against Bush's Illegal War on Iraq
Comment by Larry Ross
February 9, 2007

Born in Yonkers N.Y. in 1927, I've been campaigning against war since Hiroshima in 1945. I moved to New Zealand and founded the New Zealand Nuclear Free Peacemaking Association which helped make New Zealand nuclear free in 1987. The Pentagon was very angry about losing one of their nuclear base countries.

  City-wide Outreach mobilization this weekend for Feb 17 - No More $$$ for War Day
February 17, 2007

Join us this weekend and all next week for outreach - National No More $$$ for War Day.
Activists across the country are planning pickets, rallies, sit-ins, and other forms of creative resistance and direct action.

  Will The People Impeach Bush In Time?
Comment by Larry Ross
February 3, 2007

It is a great idea from a great US historian, that the people should hold Bush impeachment hearings all across America. Will it happen? The Democrats are too deeply involved in echoing Bush's lies, and with the Israeli and arms trade lobbies to offer much more than platitudes of token opposition. I think people should try but I doubt if there would be sufficient support in time to stop Bush's war on Iran. There could be as little as two months left.
 It would take a massive campaign and I know various organisations are working for this now. So any help people can offer, now is the time to exert effort to prevent a doomsday war. If Bush begins his war, I think it may be too late to impeach him. So now is the time for any effective action.

  Impeachment by the People
by Howard Zinn, AlterNet
February 3, 2007

Courage is in short supply in Washington, D.C. The realities of the Iraq War cry out for the overthrow of a government that is criminally responsible for death, mutilation, torture, humiliation, chaos.
But all we hear in the nation's capital, which is the source of those catastrophes, is a whimper from the Democratic Party, muttering and nattering about "unity" and "bipartisanship," in a situation that calls for bold action to immediately reverse the present course.

  Countdown to Doomsday?
Comment by Larry Ross
February 3, 2007

Robert Parry, a long-time Washington insider and commentator, presents a very informed, powerful and convincing article that the Bush Administration is on course to start a war with Iran , beginning with a massive bombing campaign.
. . . . Parry illuminates many previously little known facts - such as that various leading Democrats such as Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator John Edwards and others have expressed strong support for a US attack on Iran, and no opinions or questions as to the advisability or potential disastrous consequences of such action or the false accusations of the Bush regime. Many democrats are helping build a false case against Iran.

  War on Iran: Stop Bush Before He Starts
February 3, 2007

Much as he did before the Iraq invasion, George W. Bush is limiting the debate about war with Iran, offering assurances that he considers war "a last resort" even as he moves his military forces into place.


Will Protest Help?

Comment by Larry Ross
January 29, 2007

It's good to see this protest and typical of the New York Times to downgrade it by underestimating the numbers.
Will it move Bush.? Very unlikely.
. . .
Nevertheless this popular protest is good because it may encourage others and embolden the very weak and vacillating Congress.
Bush is defiant and says he'll continue to make war based on lies, while he is making up new lies to justify his next war. The formula seems to work well for the Bush Administration who are determined to carry on their plan even if it means world war III.
Until Congress faces up to Bush's many lies, instead of going along with them, and acts to impeach Bush, his neocon regime will carry on their war-making agenda.

  Protest Focuses on Troop Increase for Iraq
by Ian Urbina
January 28, 2007

Washington - Tens of thousands of protesters converged on the National Mall on Saturday to oppose President Bush's plan for a troop increase in Iraq in what organizers hoped would be one of the largest shows of antiwar sentiment in the nation's capital since the war began.
The event drew demonstrators from across the country, and many said that in addition to taking their discontent to the streets they planned to press members of Congress to oppose the war.

  "Perfect Storm" for Peace Movement
January 25, 2007

On the heels of the president's State of the Union address, Judith LeBlanc, co-chair for the United for Peace and Justice coalition, described the situation as a "Perfect Storm" for the peace movement.

  New US Bill To Oppose War on Iran
Comment by Larry Ross
January 22, 2007

If Jones' bill is passed without change, the stage will be set for President Bush to arrange an incident where Iran can be blamed for an attack. Even if Bush then takes the matter to Congress, there is little doubt that Congress can be fooled again, this time to approve an attack on Iran.

  US lawmakers demand Bush ask Congress before invading Iran
January 18, 2007

A resolution introduced in the US House of Representatives calls on President George W. Bush to obtain approval from Congress before using military force against Iran.

  Get your bus tickets today for Jan 27!
January 22, 2007

The only way we will stop the war is if we stay in the streets.
Join the IAC contingent in the January 27 March on Washington, organized by United for Peace and Justice and hundreds of other national and local groups.  We will march to demand the Immediate, Complete, Unconditional withdrawal of all occupying forces from Iraq---no timetables, no surge, not another penny for war and occupation.  Bring the Troops Home Now -- Money for Jobs, Healthcare, and Education, Not War!

  51% of Americans Say "Impeach Bush"
Comment by Larry Ross
January 19, 2007

Only impeaching Bush may actually stop his war plans, or taking other immediate actions that can help stop him now, before it's too late.
That has a chance of being effective.
Just think how you would feel if you have done nothing to stop and/or impeach Bush in time, but you know you actually could have done so, or at least donated funds to help groups and individuals dedicated to stop the Bush War Juggernaut. In other words you could have done something, but decided not to bother.
Think of the human family, your children and grandchildren and the kind of world Bush will create for them if people let him continue.
Your protest and anger after Bush launches his war on Iran will be too late.

  If Beale Street Could Talk - Part 2
by David Swanson
January 16, 2007

By any serious standard of journalism, impeachment should be in the news right now. This illustrates the worst problem with our media. It's not how they cover stories. It's how they do not cover stories.
A Newsweek poll a while back said that 51 percent of Americans want Bush impeached and 44 percent do not. That's about double the support there was for impeaching Clinton when it was in the news every single day.

  Help Stop War On Iran
Comment by Larry Ross
January 15, 2007

The "Stop War On Iran" organisation has summarised the Iran crisis below, and that Iran has no nuclear weapons, or program to build them, and has never initiated a war on any other state for the last 250 years. Therefore to portray it as a dire threat, because it is exercising it's legal right under the NPT to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes, is utter nonsense, and a cover for the planned US and Israeli attacks. It is even more ominous that the EU and UN have succumbed to US pressures and issued sanctions and warnings to Iran to give up it's nuclear enrichment program or else!
This situation is particularly ridiculous, when you know there are nine other nuclear weapon states, including Israel, which has some 200-400 nuclear weapons, and has a record of initiating wars and military attacks. The Iran crisis is a re-enactment of the pre-war Iraq crisis - using the same type of lies and false and twisted accusations as the US used before their illegal assault and occupation of Iraq, killing 655,000 Iraqis, and now a 'surge', or escalation, in their continuing massacre. How can Iran be a threat to the US, Israel or their allies, when they have many thousands of nuclear weapons and Iran has none?

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