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from Anna Allan
November 17, 2007

Larry health has much improved and as from Monday 31 January, he is moving into
Room 48, The Maples Life Care,
71, Middleton Road, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch, NZ 
and would welcome visitors or phone calls on occasions on (03) 343 2764

  Nuclear Weapons and the Human Future
from The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

US Leadership for a Nuclear Weapons-Free World - An Appeal to the Next President of the United States
Download your FREE DVD now
and Sign the Appeal today!   to have a say in our future no matter where you live!


Ban the Bomb Creation on New Brighton Beach

A once in a life-time, not to be missed
February 16, 2008

Peter Donnelly, the well known sand artist, also know as the Sand Dancer, is generously donating his time and talent to honouring the 50th anniversary of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament by creating the CND logo on the New Brighton beach in Christchurch on Saturday 16th of February starting at 6pm and finishing approximately 7.30

  The latest on Larry's lecture tour in NZ
Find out how you can help save the planet from U.S. nuclear distruction.
from Larry Ross

9/11 U.S. Attack Evidence

The Shocking Truth – Nuclear War With Iran The Talk in Cathedral Square, Christchurch
...People with impeccable credentials have written that the so-called terrorist attack on New York and the Pentagon on Sept 9, 2001 was an inside job. Also, that the so-called al-Qaeda terrorists were really pawns in a much bigger conspiracy, organised by the Bush Administration to create a new enemy and justify their global crusade and wars against terrorism.

  Key Points When Lobbying MP's and Others on:
by Larry Ross
  Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of New Zealand's 1987 Nuclear Free Legislation
from Larry Ross

Increasingly, it's Your Priceless Asset and Great Achievement
Everyone can help retain New Zealand 's nuclear-free policy; sponsor a Nuclear Free New Zealand 20th Anniversary Celebration during 2007; talk about it to friends, workmates, groups, local council, media and MPs. The public needs educating about nuclear war, weapons, proliferation, dangers and the benefits of NZ's nuclear free policies. Members of Parliament in particular are well-placed to educate, legislate, speak and act in many ways on nuclear issues.
It is vitally important that this message reaches everyone, so please give your most valualble help by forwarding this 2007 Nuclear Free New Zealand 20th Anniversary Celebration notice to everyone and anyone you can think of. We all need to be aware and save our planet and all living beings from possible extinction.


Extinction is Forever - Book Mark

An Easy Way to Spread the Word - Print yourself a book mark and send them to your friends     

STOP THE IRAQ WAR ~ PUBLIC MEETING ~ 7.30pm, Redcliffs School Hall

from Kate Dewes
August 14, 2007

Hear what is possible ~ Antony Vallyon, Liz Whitehead, Commander Robert Green (retd), Erin Jackson, Matt McGarth
Come and Support Us ~ Everyone Welcome
Come and support us ~ Everyone welcome

  Cafe Conversation - ' Is Peace Possible'
from Kate Dewes
July 29, 2007

Sunday July 29, 3.30pm afternoon tea, for 4pm Board Room, corner of Union and Beresford Streets, New Brighton
Speaker: Ken Graham Topic: "Is Peace Possible?"
Disarmament & Security Centre
P O Box 8390
Christchurch          Ph/Fax: 64 3 348 1353     www.disarmsecure.org


US Using Nuclear Weapons in Iraq    For every one to take part in.

comment by Larry Ross
June 23, 2007

DU weapons spread toxic radioactive dust wherever they are used. With a half life of 4 billion years, the poisonous effects are gradually spreading around the world causing death and disease. It is like a slow motion form of nuclear war against all humanity, insidiously and secretly drifting world-wide, infecting millions. The US has slyly introduced a form of nuclear weapon and then lied. They claim DU weapons are harmless. The poisonous effects may manifest years later in the form of cancer, genetic mutations in the children of exposed people and a range of other diseases.
Present and increasing DU dust in our global environment can cause mutations in anyone's children, grandchildren and future generations forever. Banning DU weapons and educating others about DU is everyone's responsibility.



From International Action Center, Founded by Ramsey Clark, Former U.S. Attorney General

..... Today, half of the 697,000 U.S. Gulf War troops from the 1991 war have reported serious medical problems and a significant increase in birth defects among their newborn children.

Larry Ross is interviewed on "Radio Bridge", on Plains FM 96.6
at 12.30 pm
Thursday, June 14, 2007

About NZ's Nuclear Free Zone and why it is more relevant today than ever before.
To read the complete press release and follow up reports on this please go HERE
Future "Radio Bridge" programmes will deal with peace and disarmament issues on the first Thursday of every month starting on July 5

Phil Goff Warns of Nuclear Holocaust
comment by Larry Ross
June 9, 2007

Phil Goff's warning to the 20th anniversary meeting in Christchurch June 9 of NZ's nuclear free zone is 100% correct. World survival is threatened by 27,000 nuclear weapons, some on 'hair-trigger' ready-to-launch status and a total of 8 nuclear weapon nations. At any time the world can be destroyed "by nuclear accident, miscalculation or deliberate act of madness" as President Kennedy warned at the UN in 1963. Even worse are new US nuclear weapons and new doctrines allowing the President to wage pre-emptive nuclear war, and also introduce nuclear weapons use into any conflict. This massive threat means everyone should be worried and active helping to stop this nuclear madness. New Zealand 's nuclear free law is more relevant today as Phil Goff says, than in 1984.

New Zealand politicians stoke anti-nuclear activism
Asia-Pacific News
June 9, 2007

Wellington - On the 20th anniversary of New Zealand's anti-nuclear legislation, the country's politicians have called for a southern hemisphere wide nuclear-free zone and for an end to investment in nuclear weapons, according to statements Saturday.
The New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament, and Arms Control Act was passed on June 8, 1987. It resulted in the country being suspended from the Anzus (Australia, New Zealand and Australia) defence pact with the US and Australia.
But Trade and Disarmament Minister Phil Goff told a forum in the South Island city of Christchurch that he wanted the whole of the southern hemisphere to become a nuclear-free zone within 20 years. He also criticized nations' complacency.
'The threat to the world of nuclear weapons grows as more countries acquire possession of them... With the world having lived with nuclear weapons for over sixty years, a key challenge today is international complacency about the threat they pose,' he said in a statement.
A co-leader of New Zealand's left-wing Green party, which is in the government coalition, also demanded the country withdraw NZ$30 million of taxpayer investment in companies involved in nuclear weapons production.


Phil Goff to speak on NZ Nuclear Free

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Interactive Open Forum to commemorate the 20th anniversary of New Zealand's nuclear free legislation.
Saturday 9 June at 10 am
Where Visitor Lounge, Canterbury Museum, Christchurch, where the Nuclear Free NZ exhibition is showing until 22 July.

  Special screening of Human Rights Festival film:
from Carolyn Brown
Wednesday May 23, 2007

  'Breaking Ranks' film this Wednesday May 23 at The Regent Theatre at 6.30pm
  "Breaking Ranks"  is the story of four American soldiers who are seeking refugee status in Canada from orders to fight in Bush's Iraq war
  Wednesday night at 6.30 at the Regent, 94 Worcester St., Christchurch Ph: 366-0140

  Filipino Trade Unionist Speaking Tour: The Resistance to State Repression in the Philippines
posted May 16, 2007

Philippines president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is to attend an interfaith dialogue in New Zealand this month. Since she came to power six years ago, 837 people have died in extrajudicial killings – including left-wing politicians, rights activists, unionists, journalists and religious leaders.
Dennis Maga, trade unionist and spokesperson for the Free Ka Bel Movement to speak.
Meetings in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Northland


Stan Hemsley - Tributes to a Truly Great Man

comment by Larry Ross
May 2, 2007

Stan Hemsley died, aged 88, of a massive heart attack in a Christchurch rest home on May 2, 2007
His funeral will be held at: The John Rhind Chapel at 1.00 P.M. Monday May 7, 2007 19 London Street, which runs off Stanmore Rd. Christchurch.
The Burial will be in Lyttleton after the serviceMore details in The Press, Obituaries, May 3
Stan was a dedicated member of the executive and tireless worker for the New Zealand Nuclear Free Peacemaking Association from our foundation in 1981. He helped our national 3-part campaign started in 1981 to have the government declare New Zealand a Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone....
Stan was a unique mixture of hands-on practicality and insights into the multiple environmental, war and nuclear threats to humanity. He was a great human being, and a kind man who will always be fondly remembered. 

  Thousands Rally and March Against Bush's Iraq War
by Larry Ross
March 19, 2007

From London to New York and Washington to Los Angeles in fact all over the world thousands of people were rallying and marching in protest on the 4th anniversary, March 17, of Bush's illegal Iraq war based on his lies. Freezing weather deterred thousands more.
In Christchurch New Zealand about 100 rallied in Cathedral Square. An Iraqi speaker told of the horrible conditions and 600,000 deaths in Iraq and the deprivation, squalor and incredible misery his relatives were suffering in Iraq, as a result of the Bush Administration.

  Anti-war protesters rally in New York four years after Iraq invasion
from Yahoo News
March 18, 2007

Thousands of anti-war protesters took to the streets of New York Sunday to demand the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq , in a second day of national rallies to mark the fourth anniversary of the war.
Organizers from the group United for Peace and Justice said between 25,000 and 30,000 people marched in the rally, which came a day after similar mass protests in Washington and Los Angeles . Police did not estimate the turnout.
A colorful mixture of students, cyclists, Vietnam war veterans and musicians marched through Midtown Manhattan, drumming and chanting slogans such as "Troops out now" and calling for President George W. Bush to be impeached.

  In Christchurch New Zealand, our Iraq War protest rally will be in Cathedral Square
at 12 noon Saturday March 17, 2007

Short talks, Songs, Petition to Stop a New War On Iran. Bring banners and placards if you wish.
Show solidarity with patriotic American friends, who are encamping in Washington to stop Bush's lie-based assault on Iraq. This criminal genocide (over 600,00 Iraqis murdered) must be stopped. We must also stop the Bush-Chaney 'surge' on Iraq before they create a 'surprise provocation' blamed on Iran, to use as justification for their pre-planned assault on a possible 10,000 targets in Iran. See you there,
Larry Ross

  Encampment to Stop the War March 12-19+ The Occupation of Washington Begins
from troopsoutnow
March 12, 2007

For daily updates

  Stop War by Impeaching Bush
Comment by Larry Ross
March 9, 2007

Cindy Sheehan, Dan DeWalt and Ellen McKay have pointed out below, one of the best ways to stop the Iraq war. The group lecture tour of Vermont with town meetings to vote on impeaching Bush was an outstanding success. What a great way to allow the people to vote on the future of their country! Many Americans, even a majority, are frustrated at the apparent hesitation and helplessness of the US Senate and Congress to stop Bush. Could something like this be done in other countries? It would encourage US citizens.

  Impeach Bush & Co
Message from Larry Ross
March 8, 2007

Don't forget 4th Anniversary  Iraq war Rally, Songs and Talks at 12 midday, Saturday March 17 at Cathedral Square. Banners and posters welcome. Petitions to stop investing in US war corporations like Halliburton and Prevent/Stop the War on Iran.

  Vermont Votes to Impeach Bush/Cheney
by John Nichols
March 7, 2007

The Nation - When Vermont Governor Jim Douglas, a Republican with reasonably close ties to President Bush, asked if there was any additional business to be considered at the town meeting he was running in Middlebury, Ellen McKay popped up and proposed the impeachment of Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. The governor was not amused. As moderator of the annual meeting, he tried to suggest that the proposal to impeach - along with another proposal to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq - could not be voted on.
But McKay, a program coordinator at Middlebury College, pressed her case. And it soon became evident that the crowd at the annual meeting shared her desire to hold the president to account. So Douglas backed down.

  Vermont: Land of Hope
by Cindy Sheehan
March 8, 2007

My recent trip to Turkey opened my eyes further to anti-American hatred. .....
I want to live in a country that gives hope to the world. I want to live in a country that decreases world instability instead of fomenting and celebrating it.

  Letter to all M.P.s
from Larry Ross
March 6, 2007

Press Release March 6, 2007: To Honour and Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of New Zealand 's 1987 Nuclear Free Legislation
David Lange promised in 1984, "Elect Labour and we'll make all of New Zealand Nuclear Free" In spite of overseas allies and National Party opposition, Parliament legislated to make New Zealand nuclear free on August 6, 1987.

  Letter to Helen Clark on the Middle East Crisis
from Larry Ross
February 16, 2007

You were willing to take the risk of going against traditional and emotional impulses to follow the US-UK-Australia direction without serious question.You went beyond US propaganda handouts, false or doctored US 'intelligence' so-called "secret reports' and the other nonsense of imperial manipulation of allied governments.
I don't think people understand the great internal and external pressures you must have been under to join the Western war alliance against Iraq.

  I Am With You 100% Against Bush's Illegal War on Iraq
Comment by Larry Ross
February 9, 2007

Born in Yonkers N.Y. in 1927, I've been campaigning against war since Hiroshima in 1945. I moved to New Zealand and founded the New Zealand Nuclear Free Peacemaking Association which helped make New Zealand nuclear free in 1987. The Pentagon was very angry about losing one of their nuclear base countries.

  City-wide Outreach mobilization this weekend for Feb 17 - No More $$$ for War Day
Troops Out Now Coalition
February 17, 2007

Join us this weekend and all next week for outreach - National No More $$$ for War Day.
Activists across the country are planning pickets, rallies, sit-ins, and other forms of creative resistance and direct action.

  The Peace Train -Toward a Culture of Peace
from Sophia La Toa
December 9, 2006

Access Radio 783AM Saturday 9 Dec @10am
....Also, I'm sending you some information about a very rare workshop in Wellington 3-4 February 2007 on the Soul Voice to awaken a closer connection and give full expression to our authentic Self. It will be facilitated by Karina Schelde formerly from Denmark and now gracing Aotearoa/NZ as resident on Waiheke Island.
Karina is world renowned for her Soul Voice workshops with fantastic feedback from global participants.....more info. on www.soundandvoice.com
World Peace Begins With Me

  Soul Voice Workshop In Wellington
3-4 February 2007

Karina Schelde formerly from Denmark and now gracing Aotearoa/NZ as resident on Waiheke Island . Karina is world renowned for her Soul Voice workshops with fantastic feedback from global participants.....more info. on www.soundandvoice.com

  ‘Peace and Disarmament –NZ's Role' PUBLIC SPEAKERS FORUM
from Larry Ross
October 24, 2006

United Nations Day

  Peace Week
from Larry Ross
August 6th -12th 2006

Sunday 6th August – Hiroshima Day
Hiroshima Lantern Ceremony 5pm, Victoria Square

  National Days of Actions in August
Comment by Larry Ross
July 26, 2006

This important day of action on Saturday August 5 organised by the International Action Centre in the U.S. could be supported by PANNZ and others in Christchurch, as well as elsewhere in NZ. It ties in with events organised for Hiroshima Day and Peace Week. The Israeli attack on the UN base in Lebanon and killing of 4 UN military personnel, in spite of Israeli assurances that it would not attack the base, caused Kofi Annan to condemn it as deliberate. It underlines Israeli arrogance (backed and financed by the Bush Administration) and attempts to force a UN withdrawal from the area. It is important that many people throughout the world, show disapproval of escalating Israeli-U.S. existing wars and planned wars against other middle eastern states such as Syria and Iran. Both Israel and the Bush Administration have no love for the UN and may wish to neutralise or completely destroy it. Thus the deliberate Israeli attack on the UN base, and their arrogant demand that Kofi Annan apologise for condemning it as deliberate.

  No Justice, No Peace- U.S. OUT of the Middle East
From the International Action Center
August 5, 2006

Over the weekend of Saturday, August 5th, the International Action Center is proposing that activists across the country organize demonstrations, teach-ins and other events around the theme: “No Justice, No Peace, U.S. Out of the Middle East.”

  The Road to Guantánamo
This Film Showing in NZ in July & August, 2006

The true story of four British Muslim boys who went to Pakistan for a wedding in September 2001 and ended up as tortured prisoners of the US Army is re-enacted as a modern horror story in Michael Winterbottom and Mat Whitecross' electrifying exposé.



from Larry Ross
June 10, 2006

Update on Pilgrimage Tour - Book a Talk in your area
1. War With Iran Could Be Much More Dangerous and Destructive Than The U.S. War With Iraq

2. The Increasing Dangers of a Nuclear War, Threats to NPT and New Zealand's Nuclear Free Law


Unjust War With Iran - It Could Be Nuclear

by Larry Ross
posted May 18, 2006

NZ Lecture Tour Sept-Nov, Book a Talk Now, Also, Keep NZ Nuclear-Free
Why accusations about an alleged "terrorist incident" may be used to justify a war on Iran, even though Iran had nothing to do with it.  Lies about Iraq's involvement with the 9/11 attack, non-existent WMD, and being a threat to UK and US, were used to justify the US-led war on Iraq.       Your Chance to Fight for the Right to Life

17 March Pannz meeting in Christchurch
Comment by Larry Ross
March 14, 2006
As decided at our last meeting, there will be 4 speakers. Mohammed al-Jabawe on Iraq. I'll speak on "US Plans For War on Iran and The Consequences". Two others will speak.
Of the 18 million articles in a google search on "Nuclear War On Iran" some say the U.S. will attack in March 2006, others say 2007.
A slide - talk by Rob Shetterly
March 3, 2006

Rob will discuss the role of dissent in U.S. political history focusing on the lives of courageous people he has painted. Most of the freedoms that Americans think are guaranteed by their Constitution and laws have had to be fought for --- repeatedly--- by individuals and rganizations.
He will also talk about the meaning of informed consent in a democracy and the role of the press.
The Artist website (www.americanswhotellthetruth.org
7.30pm FRIDAY 3 MARCH, FRIENDS MEETING HOUSE, 72 Cresswell Drive, Christchurch

Prevent Iran War - petition/appeal
from FoE Sydney - Nuclear Campaign
Posted February 21, 2006

This is our planet too - it does not belong to the U.S. to do as they will with it.

US Ambassador Fires Nuclear Parting Shots
from Larry Ross
July 6, 2005

In answer to U.S. Ambassador Swindells (July 5) the theory that humanity must exist under the threat of global nuclear destruction for reasons of security was rejected by New Zealanders when they enacted the Nuclear Free Act in 1987. In spite of the end of the cold war, why do Russia and the U.S. still have thousands of nuclear missiles ready for instant launch against each other.

Ban DU Weapons
Comment by Larry Ross
June 21, 2005

Everyone should see this DU documentary on Sunday June 26 at 11.00 pm on TV1 in NZ.
Poisoning the Iraq people and neighbouring states with DU weapons and residue is bad enough. But with a half life of 4.5 billion years, eventually DU dust will drift around the planet and contaminate all life.
That's all of us regardless of where we live, including our children, grandchildren and future generations.
Unless we can stop manufacture and use of this evil weapon (already used by the USA and UK in four wars), the whole planet will be poisoned.
It's time the NZ government took a position on banning DU weapons. Concerned citizens and nations took a stand to ban land mines. It was successful. The same kind of concern can apply to DU weapons which are far worse.
Ban them

Oil, Geopolitics, and the Coming War with Iran
Comment by Larry Ross
April 13, 2005

Professor Michael Klare, for many years, an internationally recognised specialist in Oil politics and anti-war issues has written the following first-rate paper on US reasons for planning a war against Iran. It's oil again. He, UN WMD inspector Scott Ritter, and others have predicted the US will begin the war in June 2005 unless people stop them.
                  PAN meeting on Monday May 2 at 7.30pm at the Greens office on Bedford Row, Christchurch, NZ

Oil, Geopolitics, and the Coming War with Iran
by Michael T. Klare
April 11, 2005

As the United States gears up for an attack on Iran, one thing is certain: the Bush administration will never mention oil as a reason for going to war. As in the case of Iraq, weapons of mass destruction (WMD) will be cited as the principal justification for an American assault. "We will not tolerate the construction of a nuclear weapon [by Iran]," is the way President Bush put it in a much-quoted 2003 statement.

Iraqi Voices Meeting and Resolutions Report
by Larry Ross
posted April 12, 2005
  • We support UN Secretary/General Kofi Annan’s statement that the US invasion of Iraq is illegal and without any justification.
  • Therefore it was resolved that all foreign military forces cease hostilities and withdraw from Iraq immediately.
  • That the invading nations pay reparations to the people and state of Iraq for the killing, torturing and injuring over 100,000 people (as found by the October, 2004 Lancet study) and for their destruction of Iraqi property.
  • That the UN help rebuild and rehabilitate Iraq with major reparation payments from the invading nations.
  • That a statement incorporating these resolutions be circulated to various governments, to the UN and to the media.
"The World According To Bush" - in Christchurch
Comment by Larry Ross
April 7, 2005

Dont miss the film "The World According To Bush" film at Rialto Cinema, Moorhouse Avenue, Chch. NZ
90 minute running time.
Showing times and dates - Friday April 8 at 6.15pm - Sunday April 10 at 6.00pm - Wednesday April 13 at 6.15pm

I saw it tonight and agree with its promotion that " the exploration of opposition to George Bush and his administration is much more rigorous, objective, and informative than Fahrenheit 9/11...and more damning".
"...the US government has run roughshod over much of what America likes to think it stands for " The Bush administration shows "flagrant and unprecedented disregard for demonstrable truth" in both domestic and foreign affairs.
This film and the events which followed, such as the alleged re-election of George Bush (or did he steal it again as in 2000) and his actions and statements since, suggest the disturbing conclusion that we face a very dark future. Many of the papers on our website confirm the findings of the film.
It would be good to have a copy of the film and show it around NZ and particularly to MPs, as well as a written transcript of key quotes for research use and distribution.

Meeting of the Iraqi Voices     -    Poster to print and circulate
From Larry Ross
April 1, 2005

Monday April 11, 2005
7.30pm - WEA Centre - 59 Gloucester St, Chch, NZ
Members of Christchurch's Iraqi community speak out about their counrty and the American-lead occupation

The ANZ Unitarian Peace Network
by Larry Ross
March 26, 2005

Was formed by individual Unitarians from Australia and New Zealand, at the biennial ANZ UA conference at the Christchurch Arts Centre
1.To publicise the various threats to world peace and survival from wars, threatened wars and environmental degradation
2. To uphold the UN Charter and any threats to the Charter
3. To research and publicise the real causes of various wars
4. To propose just and peaceful solutions to conflicts

Report on Peace Action Network 'Die-In' on March 19, 2005
by Larry Ross
March 20, 2005

But these war crimes are only a beginning. Bush has threatened to widen the war to Iran and Syria. The famous anti-war campaigner, Dr Helen Caldicott says the re-election of Bush means endless wars and the probable use of nuclear weapons as Bush pursues his imperial crusade under the camouflage of “war on terror”
Nelson Mandella calls Bush the most dangerous man in the world. This madman and his crackpot neoconservative regime must be stopped before they destroy the world

International Day of Action   In Christchurch New Zealand
From Larry Ross
Saturday March 19, 2005
Rally and 'Die-in' to commemorate the 100,000 Iraqis killed
Assemble at 12 noon Saturday March 19 in Cathedral Square.
Walk to Cashel Mall - 'die-in' - walk to Bridge of Remembrance and back to square.


by Larry Ross
January, 2005

Increasing Dangers of a Nuclear War Make it Urgent to Preserve the NPT and N.Z.’s Nuclear Free Law.
Here is your chance to make a difference to our future - the future of our children and grandchildren.
This Might Be Our Last Chance - Let's All Say No Together to Save Our Planet and Its People.


Walk Opposes New Nuclear Weapons, Proliferation and War Preparations

by Larry Ross
December 19, 2004

These articles, give you a quick summary of the nuclear dangers from new weapons, proliferation, a new nuclear arms race, and more likely usage. It is urgent that people support this walk and associated peace actions as there would be no second chances after a nuclear war. All other important concerns and causes would count for nothing if humanity allows a nuclear war to happen. As we all are potential victims, we all have good reasons to learn more about this threat and do something about it. The preparations for a nuclear war continue and the new Bush pre-emptive war and nuclear doctrines make such a war far more likely.
Denial, unconcern and ignorance about the nuclear threat will not make it go away.

International Peace Walk
by Marcus Atkinson
December 18, 2004

We need people all around the world to organize demonstations at the UN Headquarters in every country !!

  Walks in March - Plan one for your area.    



Public Support for Ahmed Zaoui

Please circulate

"When I think back to the ten and a half months in that prison (Paremoremo), I remember the days that were dead, full of darkness and silence. I could not see the sun, nor the stars and I almost forgot about the moon. I tasted different types of suffering which I did not know before. It was days and nights of empty everything. Nothing was with me except my belief in our God. I felt as if this ten and a half months was a page ripped from the book of my life." Ahmed Zaoui - 22 June 2004 affidavit to the High Court of New Zealand.


Despite being granted refugee status, Ahmed Zaoui has been imprisoned on the basis that he may be a threat to national security. Mr Zaoui's bail application is being heard by our Supreme Court on Thursday 9 December 2004 because it is concerned that Mr Zaoui has been imprisoned for two years without any charges being laid. Despite an orchestrated campaign by the Security Intelligence

Service alleging that he may have terrorist links, the Court has not received any written submissions opposing Mr Zaoui's bail.

Most of the correspondence received by Ahmed Zaoui is from Christchurch.

We want Mr Zaoui, his legal team and all New Zealanders to know that he has our continued support.
The treatment of Mr Zaoui by our government constitutes one of New Zealand's greatest travesty's of justice.

When: Thursday, 9 December at 12 midday
Where: Cathedral Square

Why: Ahmed Zaoui's bail application is being heard in the Supreme Court in Wellington.
We want to demonstrate the support he has in Christchurch.

Contact: Moana Cole email moana@freezaoui.org.nz
work 3777734  
home 386 1065


The War Crimes Trial of The Peace Action People's Court Victoria Sq. Chch. 12-1pm,
Sat. August 7, 2004

Bush, Blair and Howard nuclear gambled with our world, when they "willfully made war and promoted international dissension". Their completely phoney war on Iraq, justified by lies, was followed with a series of war crimes, including more lies, bombing, looting, killing, imprisoning and torturing. It was, and still is, camouflaged by a PR-Psywar campaign, reported by a cowed and co-operative mass media. As recommended by historian H. G. Wells, these "politicians" will be "in the dock" at:

  Press Release      
The Arms Trade and New Zealand Involvement   Talk by Keith Locke
July 29, 2004

TIME: 7-9p.m. July 29, 2004
at the Canterbury WEA, 59 Gloucester Street, Christchurch
All welcome! Please phone (03) 366 0285 to register. Entry by donation.



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